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A guy in Montana took this picture while hiking. Obviously, in Montana, even the trees have anger management issues.

Well, they say that famous people die in threes... First, Strom Thurmond, then Catharine Hepburn, and today, Buddy Hackett. There ya go. That's really wierd. RIP....

I had an amazingly stale day yesterday. I have some sort of funk that I've never had before... just amazingly achy and an icky cough, and when I stand up my head throbs like someone is driving a screwdriver through my right eye socket. I've pretty much convinced myself that it's SARS. Anyway, so I spent like 4 hours in the A.M. reading. Started one book and it was too dry... legal fiction always bores me, unless it's Grisham and there's an interesting plot behind it... and then tried another book and it was just so dang "delightful" I wanted to throw up. It made me even more stale. I took Punky to my in-laws' house, and upon my return there were two Netflix DVDs in my mailbox, so I got back in bed watched 4 episodes of the X-Files for the rest of the afternoon. Which was cool... I hadn't seen 3 of the eps on the DVD. I was a late bloomer with the X-Files, so I'm still catching up with the early years. This was season 1. Man, I'm such a stinking NERD! But since I couldn't get out of bed yesterday without wanting to cry, I felt justified in watching 4 hours of the X-Files. My neck and back are pretty stiff today from laying in bed all day yesterday, but what can ya do when you have SARS? I do feel sorry for people who are bedridden for months... that must be horrible.

Speaking of addictive TV, David tells me that 24 comes out on DVD Sept. 23rd. Once again, we were a little late to the party the first season... I kept hearing about the show, but was too into the X-Files, and when I'm addicted to a show, there's only room for one in my world. Don't have time for multiple addictions. Anyway, so we rented the first season boxed set on DVD early this year, and couldn't stop watching it... what a freakin' great show! We don't have cable right now, and we only get WB and PAX on our TV, so yeah, TV sucks round here and we missed the entire second season of 24.

Did ya hear about Stephen Hawking running over Jim Carrey's foot with his wheelchair? Apparently they're friends. Go figure.

David, while in Nashville, heard this hilarious version of Pink Floyd's The Wall done bluegrass style. Well, I found it online, and it's definitely worth hearing. The whole thing was recorded by Luther Wright and The Wrongs. Go download the MP3s... they're awesome. I want the record. It's definitely a novelty, but they are fabulous musicians, so it makes it all worthwhile.

Yeah buddy. Time to go. I plum wore myself out typing this here blog.


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