Time Travel?

So we played the Boardwalk Bistro last night... good gig. I brought a mandolin along and that was different. Had lots of long lost friends/fans there... it was good to see everyone. Really, really good. More playing opportunities are coming up again.

We really felt, 5 years back when we were playing the Bandera Coffeehouse every Sunday to empty chairs, that if we would just be faithful in the small things (i.e. playing in the Bandera Coffeehouse to empty chairs!), we would be blessed with more. So we played our hearts out, even though often no one was there to hear us. And then the coffeehouse closed, and we were forced to find new places to play, and we soon were blessed to become the busiest band in San Antonio with all the gigs we had. It was so cool to see the "small things" principle in action.

Now we've essentially been out of the circuit for a year because of the recording process, and it struck me last night as we were setting up at the Bistro that that gig is much like our Bandera Coffeehouse gig... it's our only regular gig right now, and it's a good gig, but obviously we want to eventually move on to bigger, more "high profile" venues and shows. And the words came back to me as resounding as ever: "Be faithful in the small things." It's all good. We are where we are supposed to be at this moment.

Hey, wanna time travel? Wired.com has a pretty cool article about it. Looks like fun... wanna go?

Oh, and here's one straight out of the X-Files: this Italian kid is walking through a field, sees a beam of light, takes a picture of it with his cell phone camera thingy, and then next day there are crop circles in said field. Here's the beam of light:

(Yeah, that's not hard to do in Photoshop)

trust no one.


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