Ooooooh, I have been a very, very bad blogger. Bad blogger! We were housesitting at David's sister's, as I mentioned, and I just got lost in dogs and cats. Bad blogger! Okay! So I'll double post today to make up for it! Lay off, a'right?

Our record is DONE! So excited about that. But we have so, so much to do and I don't even know how to begin. One thing at a time, I guess. I need a secretary, a management team, a booking agent, and a record label. Oh, wait, that's me. Yeah, forgot... Someday.........

You know, I started eating vegan like 2 weeks ago... I feel SO GOOD!!!! I've also eliminated wheat products too... I love this! And I don't even miss meat... meat is a pain to cook and to deal with anyway. Veggies are easy. I love hummus. I'm not saying I'll never go back, but for the time being, I sure am having fun! After all, it's hard to be a vegetarian in Texas, beef capital of the world.

Well here comes Punky... he just woke up, and looks all cute with his sleepy face and his messy hair. He's always so sweet in the morning.

I'm having a good dreadlock week this week. They are happy dreads.

I got home from housesitting Wed. night, and on Thursday I got crazy and rearranged my furniture in my house. It was quite an undertaking... it involved moving my TV from one tv stand to another, and putting up 7 foot shelves in my living room. I moved our big fat 6-speaker surround sound system from our bedroom into the living room, and so now we have a kickin' stereo system in our living room. Went through all our cds yesterday and organized them. I found the very, very, very first song we ever recorded ("Peace") in this little studio in Bandera with a friend of ours who was living with us at the time. It was so BAD! Everything was out of tune, my voice was all young and immature and pitchy, and I played a tin whistle on the chorus that was okay except that the volume of the whistle was SO LOUD that my ears were ringing when the song ended. I'd post it here just for everyone's entertainment (you would laugh more than you ever have) but I'm just not ready to subject ourselves to public humiliation. Someday we will get the guts to let people hear it, and then you will laugh. Oh yes, you will laugh.

Went and saw Chris and his new band The Notorious Sinners last night... they were very, very good. Chris is so versatile... he can do the whole tortured artist, singer songwriter thing, and he can rock out with the best of 'em. I hope they do well.

So today is Punky's cousins' birthday parties... we're going to Gatti Land to celebrate. Last time I was there I got claustrophobic... and mad... there were like 4 busloads of people that got there right as we did, and they were the rudest, most evil buffet people I have ever seen (like pushing us out of the way, picking up the food with their hands and then putting it back on the buffet, etc.). It's an amazing lesson in American excess watching people in a pizza buffet line. I almost expect to see feed bags around their necks and to hear barnyard sounds. They get this crazed look in their eyes like... well... like...

yeah, like that. (photo courtesy of The X-Files)


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