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Oh yeah. This is cool. Kathy sent me a link to this last night... Sounds from the Land of the Lost. Go and relive your childhood, O children of the 70's.

Speaking of that, does anyone remember all those other Krofft shows that came on together? Dr. Shrinker, The Bugaloos, Electra Woman and Dyna Girl? I was, like, 4 when it came out. I didn't really like Dr. Shrinker and the Bugaloos, but being an avid Wonder Woman fan, I was interested in Electra Woman and Dyna Girl. I knew even then that it was stale and b-grade, but I still liked it. I remember that I used to have these really big Legos, and I would pretend to be Electra Woman by putting a big Lego on my arm and holding it on with a rubber band (activate Electra Charge!). And notice who played Electra Woman: Deirde Hall. Wow. And who knew that such an obscure show (hardly anyone remembers it) would have a website devoted to it? According to this website, they only made 8 episodes. Now that's a one rip-roaring season of quality television!

Our CD got mastered yesterday! Yeeeah! That means it's DONE (dare I say it?). We're having a design meeting on Thursday to get that ball really rolling. I can't wait to hear the finished version of the music. It's all done. Wow.

Y'know, I'm a little frustrated with San Antonio. I've been saying for years that the music scene in S.A.....well, STINKS! But at least we had places to play even a couple of years ago. Now, there is NOWHERE to play. Nowhere. So how am I supposed to promote this album with no gigs? I've never seen a community so actively against music as San Antonio. Well, okay, maybe that's a little strong, but geez. When the San Antonio Current writes a story on it, you know it's bad. I'm just glad someone finally noted the trend. Read the story. It's good. Anyway, so today I'm trying to figure out what new venues to conquer up in Austin. It's hard doing that long distance, but we've got to do it to thrive. And I'm all about thriving.


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