Had a design meeting yesterday to talk about the artwork on the CD, and we decided to do more photos with Paul for the album. That means that, much to my mother's dismay, my dreads will forever be captured on film! Yeee-haw! Thing is, we looked at our old photos that we took a year ago, and we don't look like that anymore! I've got serious chunky face in most of them, my hair is very short and very "flippy," and well, it's been a year. That's a shame, too, because our photographer, Andrew Shapter, is absolutely amazing. We definitely will have to use him again. But we're going to do some cool impromptu type shots with a digital camera and see what turns up. I'm excited to see what designs Paul and the gang at Toolbox come up with... they are so amazing. This is the fun part of the record for me, since I have this newfound interest in visual art and web design and all that. And it's so cool to see the artwork come together to just totally complete the vibe of the album.

So we play Boardwalk Bistro tonight. And this is day 4 without coffee, and I'm usually just horribly sleepy if I play the Bistro without coffee, so this should be interesting. Maybe it won't be so bad... I've been weaning myself off of caffeine by switching to tea (Tazo Chai... yum!), so maybe my body will thank me and have a really good show. It's going to be good to play again. I am so ready for gigs. Don't know where we'll play, but we'll find places. We'll play Brackenridge Park if we have to........ I just want to play.

So how does this happen, exactly? A woman got on the wrong plane... thought she was going to Hong Kong, and ended up in Australia. Read the story... Y'know, it's not like they don't say, like a zillion times, where you're headed, what the flight number is, "thank you for flying Quantas airlines," when you'll be arriving in said destination, etc. How could she have missed that? Lack of English? Sleeping? Whoa.

I have to indulge by putting these pics up... how many childhood memories do these pics bring back? Gawsh, I love to 70's.

photos courtesy of Warner Bros. TV/Wonderland - The Ultimate Wonder Woman Site

Astro turf is our friend.


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