Okay, okay. I stink. Well, not really, not literally. But my life has been amazingly taken up with "things" this past week and I've just not gotten around to blogging.

My mom was in town. There. Enough said.

Oh, and I helped out at church with vacation Bible school.

And I took out my dreads. AGH! I TOOK OUT MY DREADS! I'm such an artist. I was feeling especially "artistic" when I woke up Friday morning and my first thought was, "I'm done with these dreads now." I know mom thinks that I took them out because she said something about not liking them (we'll just let her keep believing that!), but I know better. I was just done! So I spent 3 hours and a gallon of conditioner and got them all out. By the end of the night, there was enough hair on the floor to make another Sarah, but all things considered, my hair looks remarkably normal. I sort of miss them. But hey, who knows... maybe I'll dye my hair blue next or something. Once it thickens up again, that is...........

But now I badly need a haircut. David actually cut my hair on Saturday, just to even things out in the back. It was mighty crooked, so I enlisted him to help. He did a DANG good job!

My poor family and I are extremely entertainment deprived. We have two, count 'em, two, TV channels. We have WB (blech!) and PAX (more blech!). So tonight, our choices were Diagnosis Murder (no freakin' way!) and Seventh Heaven. Now, I have never liked that show, but I was downright offended at tonight's episode, so much so that I was really tempted to go and fire off an email to the network saying how amazingly DORKY this show has become (and I'm not a letter-writer). The entire show was an anti-smoking public service announcement. One character has a twin brother who comes to town and smokes, and every other character on there tells him at some point or another that "smoking is bad for you, and you really should quit, and did you know that the American Lung Association says....." and they pull out all these canned statistics that are supposed to sound "off the cuff." Another character gets busted by mom for smoking. The little 4 year old twins pretend to be smoking their crayons because they see another person doing it. Yet another character takes up smoking because he's stressed out. And the smokers are portrayed as these really ignorant, rude, selfish people who just want to smoke. It was the most ridiculous, unrealistic, preachy show I have ever seen in my entire life. I was literally offended that the producers thought that (1) I would buy the premise that the whole family is dealing with a whole bunch of evil smokers who just happen to drop into their lives for one week only (and the family can make them all quit! Wow!), and (2) that I am stupid enough not to recognize the obvious attempt to cram a politically correct agenda down my throat. It really came off as preachy and just really very goody-goody and self righteous. And very irrelevant. Seriously, are they really going for the whole, "wow, Seventh Heaven really tackles the tough topics!" thing? Because it just ain't working. I can't tell you how much I hate this show. It's worse, I think, than both Eight is Enough and the Brady Bunch combined.

Ooh, I just found something really cool... I'm going to add it to the mp3s at the left of the page. It's a band called Beatallica. It's supposed to sound like Metallica doing the Beatles. The lead singer sounds EXACTLY like James Hetfield. Exactly. It's awesome.


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