Lady Jane Grey in Engrish -- Lyrics of the Day

Outlands (in Engrish)

If I withstood thing entirely, crossing this land which grasps your hand where blind the arm which was opened innocently is loaded, my this time that me love me me your voice my I you reach in fair outlands and me have known that it has my mercy because directly this invalid God is satisfied and see when you walk, until you found me because of you, it does this selection which it runs in order to hear simultaneously many you bought the lie which is swallowed by hypocrite promise to the answering which is searched by the calculation the way in the conformity which is lost even excessively if you try, as for me me When thing of 1000000 where you think that we want peace exactly, love is tried, the joy is to entreat the help ェ which my your love comes having or, who is accepted, without predjudice it is difficult to find occasionally love,


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