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UGH! I spent like an hour typing a blog this morning, only to have the power go out in my house and wipe out everything I had just written. That's the second blog I've lost due to screwy tech problems. And there's no auto-save, so there's no way to retrieve anything.

So umm, what the heck is this?

Could be whale blubber, could be an extremely large octopus. Could be Squidward on steroids. Sounds like a real life X-file to me. The truth is out there..........

So I still have the SARS. Although Kathy thinks it might be monkey pox. Or maybe one monkey pock. That's gross. My lungs feel like they are stuffed full of brillo pads. I can't stop coughing. My throat hurts from coughing. At night my head throbs from all the incessant coughing throughout the day. I can't talk without coughing, so my friends and loved ones are having to learn this new SARS language I'm speaking. And my house... well, let's talk about that. I need the health department to come in and declare a quarantine. My dishes are stacked up from, well, it looks like last July, because I can't get enough "feel good" energy together to wash them. And the laundry, mmm. Yeah. I need an au pair. For me. I need to be nannied. This is getting wierd.

David puts up with a lot of crap from me. He is a good man. He really is. Although, he's pretty easy to please... I've been keeping him in oatmeal raisin cookies and zucchini bread and that is a good thing. He took oatmeal cookies to work yesterday and I won over his whole office. Shoulda thought of that sooner. Maybe he'll get that raise now........

Having a bad dread day today. Need to re-Knotty Boy them. I think because I've been bedridden (with SARS) for the past few days that they got all squished. They're sad. Need some love.

Let's talk about my garden, speaking of things that need love. Y'know, what are those little foamy bug nest things that attach themselves to my plants (mainly my herbs)? Because they're really making me angry. I had a great crop of basil going, and now it's all sad and wilty and has black spots because of those foamy bugs. Maybe the foamy bugs are related to the giant sea creature mentioned above. But anyway, yeah, and my lavender is coming back after the fire, but it's not blooming. I want more! I want lavender everywhere. I love lavender. And rosemary, except that then my whole outside of my house would then smell like pizza. Not a bad thing, mind you, but I think I might get hungry every time I went outside.

Ach! Gotta go get some videos back.


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