TheMilwaukeeChannel.com - News - Dodge County Man Sees Crop Circles Form

Okay, a dude in Milwaukee saw -- literally watched -- crop circles form in a field across from his house. No UFOs, just lots of bad weather.

Read the story.

Dang! Lucky sucker! I wanna see a crop circle!

By the way, whatever happened to Bananarama?


Yahoo! News - AFP Top Photos


Yahoo! News - AFP Top Photos

This is awesome: Theatre of the Absurd performed in every day life. It's called a "Flash Mob" where people show up at a specified location, do something weird, and then leave. The example Reuters cites: "...in the latest occurrence, about 200 people converged on a Central Park ridge across from the Museum of Natural History on Thursday. Once in place, the mob tweeted like birds and crowed like roosters, chanted "Na-ture," and then dispersed." I LOVE THIS! Kathy and I were always talking about doing this kind of stuff when we were in college in Nashville. This is apparently the brainchild of some guy in New York who just emails his friends and has them spread the word about the next "flash mob," and people show up and do it. Go read the whole story. It's stinkin' awesome!! Like I said, it's just a very small, concentrated form of Absurdist Theatre in a public place. Although I am sure that some stick-in-the-mud somewhere is going to complain and they'll get citations for not having a proper permit for public gatherings or something really lame like that. But as long as it lasts, well, I think it's great. I wanna do it......


Y'know, why don't we all just speak ENGLISH? Now there's a concept.


Okay, okay. I stink. Well, not really, not literally. But my life has been amazingly taken up with "things" this past week and I've just not gotten around to blogging.

My mom was in town. There. Enough said.

Oh, and I helped out at church with vacation Bible school.

And I took out my dreads. AGH! I TOOK OUT MY DREADS! I'm such an artist. I was feeling especially "artistic" when I woke up Friday morning and my first thought was, "I'm done with these dreads now." I know mom thinks that I took them out because she said something about not liking them (we'll just let her keep believing that!), but I know better. I was just done! So I spent 3 hours and a gallon of conditioner and got them all out. By the end of the night, there was enough hair on the floor to make another Sarah, but all things considered, my hair looks remarkably normal. I sort of miss them. But hey, who knows... maybe I'll dye my hair blue next or something. Once it thickens up again, that is...........

But now I badly need a haircut. David actually cut my hair on Saturday, just to even things out in the back. It was mighty crooked, so I enlisted him to help. He did a DANG good job!

My poor family and I are extremely entertainment deprived. We have two, count 'em, two, TV channels. We have WB (blech!) and PAX (more blech!). So tonight, our choices were Diagnosis Murder (no freakin' way!) and Seventh Heaven. Now, I have never liked that show, but I was downright offended at tonight's episode, so much so that I was really tempted to go and fire off an email to the network saying how amazingly DORKY this show has become (and I'm not a letter-writer). The entire show was an anti-smoking public service announcement. One character has a twin brother who comes to town and smokes, and every other character on there tells him at some point or another that "smoking is bad for you, and you really should quit, and did you know that the American Lung Association says....." and they pull out all these canned statistics that are supposed to sound "off the cuff." Another character gets busted by mom for smoking. The little 4 year old twins pretend to be smoking their crayons because they see another person doing it. Yet another character takes up smoking because he's stressed out. And the smokers are portrayed as these really ignorant, rude, selfish people who just want to smoke. It was the most ridiculous, unrealistic, preachy show I have ever seen in my entire life. I was literally offended that the producers thought that (1) I would buy the premise that the whole family is dealing with a whole bunch of evil smokers who just happen to drop into their lives for one week only (and the family can make them all quit! Wow!), and (2) that I am stupid enough not to recognize the obvious attempt to cram a politically correct agenda down my throat. It really came off as preachy and just really very goody-goody and self righteous. And very irrelevant. Seriously, are they really going for the whole, "wow, Seventh Heaven really tackles the tough topics!" thing? Because it just ain't working. I can't tell you how much I hate this show. It's worse, I think, than both Eight is Enough and the Brady Bunch combined.

Ooh, I just found something really cool... I'm going to add it to the mp3s at the left of the page. It's a band called Beatallica. It's supposed to sound like Metallica doing the Beatles. The lead singer sounds EXACTLY like James Hetfield. Exactly. It's awesome.


BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Artist seeks internet-enabled third ear

BBC News Headline: Artist seeks internet-enabled third ear. Yeah, you heard right. This guy wants to surgically add a third ear onto his arm. Much like they did to this mouse:

Another real-life X-File.


Flava Flav

Sunday sunday sunday. I woke up at like 4:30 this morning trying to scream... I was having a nightmare and was trying to scream in the dream, but you know how it never makes any sound, try as you might? I woke up sort of making this weird straining-yawning sound, with my heart racing, and then couldn't go back to sleep. Part of it was that irrational predawn stress that makes your mind race -- fretting about a friendship that ain't going too well, in my case -- and part of it was that I knew that I had to get up in an hour, and so what's the point of even going back to sleep? Had to chart a song for the day's church service anyway, so I finally gave up after a good 35 minutes of extreme fretting and charted my song. I'm such a psycho!

David and I went and saw Terminator 3 last night. Not normally my sort of movie, but every now and then you have to see something brainless, right? It was pretty good... Y'know, stuff getting blown up and lines rich with "I'll be back" type typical Arnold stuff. I was proud of myself for seeing it... I never saw Terminator 1 or 2, so there. I've paid my dues. Done my duty.

I made this fabulous Black Bean and Corn Salad the other day that I am positively addicted to. I stuck it in a warmed corn tortilla and topped it with some homemade hot sauce and tofu sour cream (I know, the tofu part sounds awful, but it's really pretty good)... omigosh... it was so amazing. David's addicted now too. Happy. Vegan. Happy vegan.

Okay, and I never noticed this before, because I never needed to worry about it till now, but Chili's (one of my favorite places to eat) has absolutely NOTHING vegetarian...okay, well, nothing vegan, on its menu. NOTHING! What the heck is up with that? Even their salads have tons of chicken in them. We went there last night, and I ended up ordering a side of black beans, a side of rice, and a side of steamed veggies. Cost us $3.87 and I was stuffed! So there!

Well, alrighty. I don't have any cute and cuddly pictures today. Maybe someday soon I'll get those dreads o' mine up for all the world to see. At least for my friend Kathy. She will beat me two times if I don't.



Lady Jane Grey in Engrish: Lyrics of the Day


The ocean of the ice,
the river of damage
cleaned me to the center of the frontier where it is gone
in the stone, gray to as for my color alongside according to method you somewhere losing,

Did I hear that you still love me? is thing that you still me want true?

as for me of the fire of your mind after needing that the warmth of my your love does all the my love

in me like the rain which comes like the leaf which falls falling,
as for the word where you are soft me of the fire which I who take me who am taken for the second time,
would like to burn at heat of craving it comes to me due to the storm

Ooooooh, I have been a very, very bad blogger. Bad blogger! We were housesitting at David's sister's, as I mentioned, and I just got lost in dogs and cats. Bad blogger! Okay! So I'll double post today to make up for it! Lay off, a'right?

Our record is DONE! So excited about that. But we have so, so much to do and I don't even know how to begin. One thing at a time, I guess. I need a secretary, a management team, a booking agent, and a record label. Oh, wait, that's me. Yeah, forgot... Someday.........

You know, I started eating vegan like 2 weeks ago... I feel SO GOOD!!!! I've also eliminated wheat products too... I love this! And I don't even miss meat... meat is a pain to cook and to deal with anyway. Veggies are easy. I love hummus. I'm not saying I'll never go back, but for the time being, I sure am having fun! After all, it's hard to be a vegetarian in Texas, beef capital of the world.

Well here comes Punky... he just woke up, and looks all cute with his sleepy face and his messy hair. He's always so sweet in the morning.

I'm having a good dreadlock week this week. They are happy dreads.

I got home from housesitting Wed. night, and on Thursday I got crazy and rearranged my furniture in my house. It was quite an undertaking... it involved moving my TV from one tv stand to another, and putting up 7 foot shelves in my living room. I moved our big fat 6-speaker surround sound system from our bedroom into the living room, and so now we have a kickin' stereo system in our living room. Went through all our cds yesterday and organized them. I found the very, very, very first song we ever recorded ("Peace") in this little studio in Bandera with a friend of ours who was living with us at the time. It was so BAD! Everything was out of tune, my voice was all young and immature and pitchy, and I played a tin whistle on the chorus that was okay except that the volume of the whistle was SO LOUD that my ears were ringing when the song ended. I'd post it here just for everyone's entertainment (you would laugh more than you ever have) but I'm just not ready to subject ourselves to public humiliation. Someday we will get the guts to let people hear it, and then you will laugh. Oh yes, you will laugh.

Went and saw Chris and his new band The Notorious Sinners last night... they were very, very good. Chris is so versatile... he can do the whole tortured artist, singer songwriter thing, and he can rock out with the best of 'em. I hope they do well.

So today is Punky's cousins' birthday parties... we're going to Gatti Land to celebrate. Last time I was there I got claustrophobic... and mad... there were like 4 busloads of people that got there right as we did, and they were the rudest, most evil buffet people I have ever seen (like pushing us out of the way, picking up the food with their hands and then putting it back on the buffet, etc.). It's an amazing lesson in American excess watching people in a pizza buffet line. I almost expect to see feed bags around their necks and to hear barnyard sounds. They get this crazed look in their eyes like... well... like...

yeah, like that. (photo courtesy of The X-Files)


"I think this president, when he was in grade school--you know that place on the report card where it says 'plays well with others'? I don't think he got a good grade. I did."-- Richard Gephardt.

Now there's a reason to elect Gephardt.


Okay. I have just seen possibly the most bizarre and morbid thing ever. Check out Lifegems. What is a Lifegem? Their website says, "A LifeGem is a certified, high quality diamond created from the carbon of your loved one as a memorial to their unique and wonderful life." Wait, what? Created from the carbon of your loved one? What the heck? Seriously, could you imagine making Grandma into a diamond ring after she passes? No. That would seriously freak me out. Oh my gawrsh, and what if it got stolen? What if you had some loser in the family that decided to pawn off the ring for ganja money? No. No. No.

Lady Jane Grey in Engrish -- Lyrics of the Day

Outlands (in Engrish)

If I withstood thing entirely, crossing this land which grasps your hand where blind the arm which was opened innocently is loaded, my this time that me love me me your voice my I you reach in fair outlands and me have known that it has my mercy because directly this invalid God is satisfied and see when you walk, until you found me because of you, it does this selection which it runs in order to hear simultaneously many you bought the lie which is swallowed by hypocrite promise to the answering which is searched by the calculation the way in the conformity which is lost even excessively if you try, as for me me When thing of 1000000 where you think that we want peace exactly, love is tried, the joy is to entreat the help ェ which my your love comes having or, who is accepted, without predjudice it is difficult to find occasionally love,

I am so amazingly groggy right now it's not even funny. Oh, I slept, but I've been slowly weaning myself off of caffeine, and the herbal tea thang just ain't doing it. David, Punky and I are housesitting for David's sister, and it's very strange living life in a neighborhood. I'm so used to dirt roads and no neighbors and no traffic sounds, and it's a little addling to hear cars and just general neighborhood noise. I love being a hermit out in our little country abode.

David's sisters cat has issues. Obviously she was taken from mama cat a little too early, because she has this annoying habit of jumping up and trying to nurse on you anytime you sit down! It's the weirdest thing in the world... she lays out and buries her face in your arm, leg, whatever, and just goes to town. I'm not comfortable with the codependent cat thing. It's just weird.


Time Travel?

So we played the Boardwalk Bistro last night... good gig. I brought a mandolin along and that was different. Had lots of long lost friends/fans there... it was good to see everyone. Really, really good. More playing opportunities are coming up again.

We really felt, 5 years back when we were playing the Bandera Coffeehouse every Sunday to empty chairs, that if we would just be faithful in the small things (i.e. playing in the Bandera Coffeehouse to empty chairs!), we would be blessed with more. So we played our hearts out, even though often no one was there to hear us. And then the coffeehouse closed, and we were forced to find new places to play, and we soon were blessed to become the busiest band in San Antonio with all the gigs we had. It was so cool to see the "small things" principle in action.

Now we've essentially been out of the circuit for a year because of the recording process, and it struck me last night as we were setting up at the Bistro that that gig is much like our Bandera Coffeehouse gig... it's our only regular gig right now, and it's a good gig, but obviously we want to eventually move on to bigger, more "high profile" venues and shows. And the words came back to me as resounding as ever: "Be faithful in the small things." It's all good. We are where we are supposed to be at this moment.

Hey, wanna time travel? Wired.com has a pretty cool article about it. Looks like fun... wanna go?

Oh, and here's one straight out of the X-Files: this Italian kid is walking through a field, sees a beam of light, takes a picture of it with his cell phone camera thingy, and then next day there are crop circles in said field. Here's the beam of light:

(Yeah, that's not hard to do in Photoshop)

trust no one.


Had a design meeting yesterday to talk about the artwork on the CD, and we decided to do more photos with Paul for the album. That means that, much to my mother's dismay, my dreads will forever be captured on film! Yeee-haw! Thing is, we looked at our old photos that we took a year ago, and we don't look like that anymore! I've got serious chunky face in most of them, my hair is very short and very "flippy," and well, it's been a year. That's a shame, too, because our photographer, Andrew Shapter, is absolutely amazing. We definitely will have to use him again. But we're going to do some cool impromptu type shots with a digital camera and see what turns up. I'm excited to see what designs Paul and the gang at Toolbox come up with... they are so amazing. This is the fun part of the record for me, since I have this newfound interest in visual art and web design and all that. And it's so cool to see the artwork come together to just totally complete the vibe of the album.

So we play Boardwalk Bistro tonight. And this is day 4 without coffee, and I'm usually just horribly sleepy if I play the Bistro without coffee, so this should be interesting. Maybe it won't be so bad... I've been weaning myself off of caffeine by switching to tea (Tazo Chai... yum!), so maybe my body will thank me and have a really good show. It's going to be good to play again. I am so ready for gigs. Don't know where we'll play, but we'll find places. We'll play Brackenridge Park if we have to........ I just want to play.

So how does this happen, exactly? A woman got on the wrong plane... thought she was going to Hong Kong, and ended up in Australia. Read the story... Y'know, it's not like they don't say, like a zillion times, where you're headed, what the flight number is, "thank you for flying Quantas airlines," when you'll be arriving in said destination, etc. How could she have missed that? Lack of English? Sleeping? Whoa.

I have to indulge by putting these pics up... how many childhood memories do these pics bring back? Gawsh, I love to 70's.

photos courtesy of Warner Bros. TV/Wonderland - The Ultimate Wonder Woman Site

Astro turf is our friend.


:: wheaties ::

Okay, yeah, I'm really tired. Rough day. I'm off caffeine for 3 weeks... well, I'm only on day 2 of this craziness, and I'm very, very groggy. But I had to get control of this addiction to Starbucks -- I've always loved coffee, but I'm up to 6 shots of espresso in the morning and 4 in the afternoon. It's always good to break an addiction every now and then just to show that it doesn't rule you. But dangit. I miss my coffee. Mmmmm... look at those beans....

Ocean life is amazing. There is an expedition going on right now in the Tasmin Sea... a group of scientists who are exploring part of the ocean that has never been seen before because it is so daggum deep. They have found some amazing, weird little creatures down there: a sea spider that has some of its organs in its legs, an eel whose tail lights up, and he puts it in his mouth to attract food, funky little shrimp, and fish with really really big teeth. I think it's so cool that after all these gazillions of years we're still finding new species. I wanna be a marine biologist....

From the BBC today: Lightning strikes woman's tongue stud. Man oh man, I hate it when that happens. I'm glad I took out my nose ring.

I feel sorry for the farmer in California who got the crop circles, but dagnabbit, I love crop circles. I first found out about them when I was in England and we took a bus tour out to Stonehenge... our tour guide, Jane (who was brilliant, by the way), showed us a video on crop circles. They're just so cool and mysterious. But poor Farmer Brown, or whatever his name is, lost a lot of wheat this week because of the crop circles. If it is the work of hoaxters, then shame on them for ruining the man's livelihood. But if it's aliens, then it's really cool.

My contacts are very fuzzy and dry. Much like potato chips. Time for bed. Good night, my crustaceans.


:: sheila ::

Oh yeah. This is cool. Kathy sent me a link to this last night... Sounds from the Land of the Lost. Go and relive your childhood, O children of the 70's.

Speaking of that, does anyone remember all those other Krofft shows that came on together? Dr. Shrinker, The Bugaloos, Electra Woman and Dyna Girl? I was, like, 4 when it came out. I didn't really like Dr. Shrinker and the Bugaloos, but being an avid Wonder Woman fan, I was interested in Electra Woman and Dyna Girl. I knew even then that it was stale and b-grade, but I still liked it. I remember that I used to have these really big Legos, and I would pretend to be Electra Woman by putting a big Lego on my arm and holding it on with a rubber band (activate Electra Charge!). And notice who played Electra Woman: Deirde Hall. Wow. And who knew that such an obscure show (hardly anyone remembers it) would have a website devoted to it? According to this website, they only made 8 episodes. Now that's a one rip-roaring season of quality television!

Our CD got mastered yesterday! Yeeeah! That means it's DONE (dare I say it?). We're having a design meeting on Thursday to get that ball really rolling. I can't wait to hear the finished version of the music. It's all done. Wow.

Y'know, I'm a little frustrated with San Antonio. I've been saying for years that the music scene in S.A.....well, STINKS! But at least we had places to play even a couple of years ago. Now, there is NOWHERE to play. Nowhere. So how am I supposed to promote this album with no gigs? I've never seen a community so actively against music as San Antonio. Well, okay, maybe that's a little strong, but geez. When the San Antonio Current writes a story on it, you know it's bad. I'm just glad someone finally noted the trend. Read the story. It's good. Anyway, so today I'm trying to figure out what new venues to conquer up in Austin. It's hard doing that long distance, but we've got to do it to thrive. And I'm all about thriving.


:: Dokken ::

Woke up this morning at 6:30 to pouring rain and thunder. I was having major flashbacks... last summer on July 4, my parents and grandparents were supposed to come and stay in Bandera for the holiday, and Bandera was underwater and we were flooded into our house. I can't believe that was only a year ago! At any rate, I had the fleeting thought this morning that it was happening again, and my first thought was, "Oh no! I need to go to the store!" We have quality, sugary baked goods for days, but nothing in the way of actual sustenance. We would die of malnutrition, but be really hyper in the process. I *forced* myself to do my dishes yesterday, even though I felt like total poo poo on a stick, because I was wanting to flee the house every time I'd walk into the kitchen. I just couldn't take it anymore. Maybe today I'll do all that laundry. But probably not. I'm declaring my independence from chores today. And spelling.

We were glad for the flood, though, last year, because we were stuck at home and forced to finish writing songs for the album we were supposed to record the next week. I can't believe it's been a year since we were in the studio! I wrestle with many emotions regarding that. On the one hand, I want to make sure we put out the best record possible for our listeners, so I don't mind taking as long as we need to make that happen. On the other hand, I'm so afraid that no one will remember us or like us by the time we finally get it out. It's been so long since we were really working the local circuit. The buzz is gone. Out of sight, out of mind, right? And to really play on my fears, every time I send out a newsletter I get a number of emails that say, "Oh, yeah, umm, could you take me off your list? We don't want to hear about Lady Jane Grey anymore." Well that doesn't feel very good! What, you don't care about us anymore? See, that's that little whiny artist ego that I have to slap around every now and then for being a big baby. Our music, unlike other professions, is a part of who we are, so little barbs like that are very hard not to take personally. But we haven't been out among the living in awhile, and so sometimes you lump all those negative vibes together and assume that that's the collective feeling out there. We really just have to pretty much start over again. But I'm ready to do that. I'm looking forward to the challenge of finding new venues and radio stations and stuff... and really want to make a splash with the album. It's a great album. I can say that because we had so little to do with the fact that it's a great album. God did it all. And Sinko got such amazing talent, and he is so great at what he does, and it just really sounds like an amazing, beautiful album. I can't wait to get it out there.

Is this not the coolest picture? It's one of the angels at Bass Performance Hall in Fort Worth, TX in the midst of a lightning storm. Bass Hall is my favorite venue ever... someday we will play there. Saw Mary Black there a few years back. What an amazing show... Mary Black in Bass Hall. That needs to happen again very soon. I need a live music fix.

Speaking of that.... wow. I'm really excited about this one. Shawn Colvin, Patty Griffin, Mary-Chapin Carpenter, and Dar Williams all on tour together. I can't wait. What a once-in-a-lifetime show that's gonna be! I'm a huge fan of, of course, Shawn, as well as Patty and Mary, but I'm not too familiar with Dar's stuff. This is a tour that's not to be missed.

Okay, my SARS is starting to make me feel worn out again. But that's good... usually I'm only up a couple of hours and I start wearing out. Today I've been up since 6:30, and now it's 1:30pm and I'm just now wanting to go lay down. Hey, look I'm getting better. And my dreads got re-waxed last night, so they're all happy and nappy again. Life is good. I want to bake an apple pie. Well, after I take a nap.


:: old blevins ::

UGH! I spent like an hour typing a blog this morning, only to have the power go out in my house and wipe out everything I had just written. That's the second blog I've lost due to screwy tech problems. And there's no auto-save, so there's no way to retrieve anything.

So umm, what the heck is this?

Could be whale blubber, could be an extremely large octopus. Could be Squidward on steroids. Sounds like a real life X-file to me. The truth is out there..........

So I still have the SARS. Although Kathy thinks it might be monkey pox. Or maybe one monkey pock. That's gross. My lungs feel like they are stuffed full of brillo pads. I can't stop coughing. My throat hurts from coughing. At night my head throbs from all the incessant coughing throughout the day. I can't talk without coughing, so my friends and loved ones are having to learn this new SARS language I'm speaking. And my house... well, let's talk about that. I need the health department to come in and declare a quarantine. My dishes are stacked up from, well, it looks like last July, because I can't get enough "feel good" energy together to wash them. And the laundry, mmm. Yeah. I need an au pair. For me. I need to be nannied. This is getting wierd.

David puts up with a lot of crap from me. He is a good man. He really is. Although, he's pretty easy to please... I've been keeping him in oatmeal raisin cookies and zucchini bread and that is a good thing. He took oatmeal cookies to work yesterday and I won over his whole office. Shoulda thought of that sooner. Maybe he'll get that raise now........

Having a bad dread day today. Need to re-Knotty Boy them. I think because I've been bedridden (with SARS) for the past few days that they got all squished. They're sad. Need some love.

Let's talk about my garden, speaking of things that need love. Y'know, what are those little foamy bug nest things that attach themselves to my plants (mainly my herbs)? Because they're really making me angry. I had a great crop of basil going, and now it's all sad and wilty and has black spots because of those foamy bugs. Maybe the foamy bugs are related to the giant sea creature mentioned above. But anyway, yeah, and my lavender is coming back after the fire, but it's not blooming. I want more! I want lavender everywhere. I love lavender. And rosemary, except that then my whole outside of my house would then smell like pizza. Not a bad thing, mind you, but I think I might get hungry every time I went outside.

Ach! Gotta go get some videos back.


:: pyrex dishes ::

I'm on this Suzie Homemaker kick right now. Been cooking/baking like mad! Roasted chicken stuffed with rosemary, zucchini bread, oatmeal raisin cookies, garlic red potato salad, etc. etc. etc. The topper was the other night when I had to sew a fin back onto Punky's stuffed dolphin... David called me "martha". All I need is the red checked Betty Crocker apron, and I'm there. Although, Betty didn't have dreads. But it's all the same. I need to get out more.

My dreads are happy now that they have been nourished and loved by my new Knotty Boy dread wax. Highly recommend it. I no longer look like Sideshow Bob. A little more like Ani DiFranco, without all the anger.

I love this pic. It's the solar eclipse over a church in Vienna. Got it from APOD.

Big Brother is officially being used as a spy weapon these days. They say it will only be used in foreign countries to spy on our enemies, but geez, they used face recognition technology at the superbowl. Kabul today, Dallas tomorrow....


lachanophobia: the fear of vegetables.

:: pancakes ::

A guy in Montana took this picture while hiking. Obviously, in Montana, even the trees have anger management issues.

Well, they say that famous people die in threes... First, Strom Thurmond, then Catharine Hepburn, and today, Buddy Hackett. There ya go. That's really wierd. RIP....

I had an amazingly stale day yesterday. I have some sort of funk that I've never had before... just amazingly achy and an icky cough, and when I stand up my head throbs like someone is driving a screwdriver through my right eye socket. I've pretty much convinced myself that it's SARS. Anyway, so I spent like 4 hours in the A.M. reading. Started one book and it was too dry... legal fiction always bores me, unless it's Grisham and there's an interesting plot behind it... and then tried another book and it was just so dang "delightful" I wanted to throw up. It made me even more stale. I took Punky to my in-laws' house, and upon my return there were two Netflix DVDs in my mailbox, so I got back in bed watched 4 episodes of the X-Files for the rest of the afternoon. Which was cool... I hadn't seen 3 of the eps on the DVD. I was a late bloomer with the X-Files, so I'm still catching up with the early years. This was season 1. Man, I'm such a stinking NERD! But since I couldn't get out of bed yesterday without wanting to cry, I felt justified in watching 4 hours of the X-Files. My neck and back are pretty stiff today from laying in bed all day yesterday, but what can ya do when you have SARS? I do feel sorry for people who are bedridden for months... that must be horrible.

Speaking of addictive TV, David tells me that 24 comes out on DVD Sept. 23rd. Once again, we were a little late to the party the first season... I kept hearing about the show, but was too into the X-Files, and when I'm addicted to a show, there's only room for one in my world. Don't have time for multiple addictions. Anyway, so we rented the first season boxed set on DVD early this year, and couldn't stop watching it... what a freakin' great show! We don't have cable right now, and we only get WB and PAX on our TV, so yeah, TV sucks round here and we missed the entire second season of 24.

Did ya hear about Stephen Hawking running over Jim Carrey's foot with his wheelchair? Apparently they're friends. Go figure.

David, while in Nashville, heard this hilarious version of Pink Floyd's The Wall done bluegrass style. Well, I found it online, and it's definitely worth hearing. The whole thing was recorded by Luther Wright and The Wrongs. Go download the MP3s... they're awesome. I want the record. It's definitely a novelty, but they are fabulous musicians, so it makes it all worthwhile.

Yeah buddy. Time to go. I plum wore myself out typing this here blog.

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