mind the gap.

Mind the gap.

So it's been like a month since I've blogged. I have not had one moment to breathe since I started working. I am juggling many things in my life right now... motherhood, domestic goddess (really not a goddess right now... my house is a mess, which is reflective of the amount of time I have to clean it), work, Lady Jane Grey, Stormy Petrel, church responsibilities, 3 websites to build, not including our own.... last week I wasn't home one evening, which meant that I was really only home just to sleep. I don't like that kind of busyness. But it's all good... really, everything we have going on is good and exciting and fresh, so I'm okay with it all.

So we got our CDs in last week. They look great. Our release date is set for April 9th. Party at the Scenic Loop! April 9, you say? Why so late? Because we have to send out all the preorders first, and then send it to radio and press, and then assemble a band, and then practice, and THEN we can release it.

We played a big show last night. Very big show. Like 1200 folks were there. I played guitar for the first time to an "audience" (I play guitar every Sunday at church but that's different. Emphasis there is on leading, not performing.) and it was really cool for me to be able to do that. This was our first gig as Stormy Petrel, our side project that we're unveiling little by little. We had such a good time last night!

I'm starting rehearsals with the Fredericksburg Theater Company tomorrow for February performances of "The King and I." I'm playing cello in the pit. Last year I did "Camelot" with them. It was grueling -- I'm not used to playing cello for 3 hours at a time -- but it was fun and really sharpened my playing ability. So I'm looking forward to this.

I just ate four (4) Krispy Kreme donuts with my coffee. Krispy Kreme should be illegal, or at the very least regulated by the government. I have no self control at all when it comes to those hot glazed donuts. I get crazed (insert Howard Dean scream here).

Alright. I'm off to build web pages. And then do laundry. And then go to work.

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