Fried Rice

So wow... I haven't blogged in a long time. This past week got away from me again. Let's see... to catch up:

Tuesday of last week I woke up and my eyes were completely stuck shut. Completely (one of the kids in my youth group asked, "So how did you know you were awake?"). I unstuck them, staggered into the bathroom to look at what was going on, and was alarmed to find that the whites of my eyes were sticking out like little bubbles past my eyelids. I freaked: I was having my very own personal X-Files episode in my bathroom. Cool. I then proceeded to awake my husband, tell him to get up and take me to the doctor (he had to drive since my eyes would not accept my contacts at the moment), and got dressed. On my way into town, I did some research on the web, thanks to my ever-faithful Treo, and found that I had allergy-related conjunctivitis, which is a fancy word for "pinkeye." I told David that I really didn't want to go to a doctor, sit for an hour, and pay $150 for him to tell me the same information I had just gotten from the web, especially since there's really nothing they can give you for it, so we went to HEB instead to get some antihistamine drops.

So picture this: I'm at HEB all slummed out, having not showered and properly dressed for the day in my haste to get medical help. My eyes are tearing up excessively. I have my glasses on, which are cool but less than attractive, and the prescription is 10 years old and so I really have to squint like Mr. Magoo to see properly out of them. David had dropped me off and was next door at Half Price Books. I decided to get all my groceries while I was there, so I was standing in the laundry aisle when I hear someone coming towards me from behind. I was in NO WAY obstructing the aisle -- there was plenty of room to pass. But as this guy passes me, he reaches out and (key "Psycho" music) GRABS MY BUTT!!!! Not like, "oops, I just accidentally brushed it, sorry," but, "I am totally going to cop a major feel because I'm entitled." He GRABBED MY BUTT!!! It took me off guard, and I mumbled, "Excuse me" or something, and as he left the aisle, the realization struck me that, omigosh, he did that on purpose! I went down another aisle, and a few seconds later, I see Mr. Creepy coming toward me again. I move to another aisle, just to make sure that we're not just going in the same direction coincidentally, and I see him lurking on that aisle. Thing is, he's not buying anything. He has nothing in his hands, but he's strangely studious of anything on the shelves that happen to be within 15 feet of me. So at this point, I realize that he is stalking me, and I get on the phone and call David, who is literally at my side within 32.8 seconds. And he's ticked. Mr. Creepy, meantime, who couldn't find me because I dodged him and went to the front of the store to wait for David, had headed over to the produce and was intently perusing an orange or something. David walked over to him and gave him the ol' fisheye for about 5 minutes, long enough for him to understand that he was being watched, and then David rejoined me on the other side of the store. Mr. Creepy, I noticed, was following David, presumably to verify whether or not David was with me, and when that fact was cofirmed, he promptly disappeared. He never did buy any groceries. Funny, that.

I'm just really glad David was there. I couldn't have left HEB with that going on.


Okay, so I figured out why I was so blooming hungry all the time... I had my calories calculated based on a moderate exercise level, and when I added up all my workouts for the past few weeks, I should have been calculating calories for an active level of activity. So I wasn't getting enough calories! Yaaayy!! I get to eat more! It was REALLY hard to stay under a calorie limit of 1600-1700 a day. Now I get 1800-1900, and it feels like I'm pigging out! But I did lose 3 pounds last week. Happy.

I went hiking yesterday because I was tired of waiting to find someone to go with me. So I just up and went, in the rain, by myself, and it was fun. I burned like 1083 calories. And then got to celebrate last night at the Pasta Bar downtown. Yum.

I finally watched the Grammys today. They were good, except for J-Lo. Wow. And I don't know what it is, but Kanye West just really irritates me. I have never seen such a baby... he totally acts like a spoiled brat who thinks he deserves special treatment, and his attitude just really irks me. Loretta Lynn and Jack White were hilarious.

Okay. Carpal Tunnel is bothering me and I need to go wash my face.

Feed the world.



Whoa. I just saw your comment on the dumb people at CTU after I launched my diatribe against them. We are on the same wavelength! Whoa.

I forgot about the girl from season 1.

Random 24 Musings (again)

I can't believe it's already Thursday. This week has gotten away from me... I meant to post about Monday's ep much, much sooner than this.

So Tony Almeda is a drunk, angry bum. I loved the "let's catch up the viewers" game that he and Jack played in the car... "Jack, you got me out of prison, Michelle left me, and I have no job." Thanks, Tony. Because I was wondering about all three of those questions. Seemed a little too easy, though. I miss Michelle. I really began to like her last season.

Why was Tony watching Mexican soccer? In Spanish?

oooooh, Aisha Tyler is getting on my nerves. They really have a way of making the bad women really easy to hate. She's not a Sherry Palmer and certainly not a Nina, but she'll do in a pinch. I'm glad they busted her.

I still think Erin belongs on Star Trek commanding Voyager or one of those B-grade, WB spin-offs. She just screams "Vulcan."

What's up with CTU hiring these borderline autistic people (e.g. Chloe, Edgar)? Edgar is really close to being Rainman. Must be that quirky computer nerd thing. At least he won't bring a random baby into CTU and try to hide it... at least, I hope not.

Dina and Behrooz are screwed, basically. They'll end up finding Jack somehow, I'm sure. But we'll be watching many a near miss with them for the next, oh, 8 eps, most likely.

OK, where the heck is President Kerry-sound-alike -- sorry, Keeler -- going? He's been in the air for ummm....(counting on fingers)... 8 hours now. Is he just flying all the way around the globe because he can? Or are they keeping him and his peeps in the air for security reasons? Not clear, Mr. Writer. Not clear at all.

Are we actually going to get to see Kim this season? As stupid as she is, I can't imagine that she'll just live an off-screen, Season-8-Mulder-like existence the whole season.

Man, I miss X-Files. But I digress....

I've noticed that with 24, things tend to build and build and climax, and then there's an episode of rest before the tension begins to build again. This was that episode. Not too action-packed, new situations developing... man, I'm brain dead. I've forgotten how to use English. I had to think for a minute before the word "developing" came to me. Wow.

I started my new "get unfat" program this week... so in addition to cutting calories way back, I've been excercising like a fool. Running every day, lifting weights, yoga, etc. Problem is, I'm freaking STARVING all the time. I can't tell if my body is just adjusting to not overeating all the time, or if I need to add more calories in since I'm working out more... I guess I'll wait a week and see. When I get hungry, though, I get stupid. Can't function the ole' reasoning center of my brain.

My moment of realization happened last Sunday when I stepped on my mother-in-law's scale (I don't own one of those things... I'd be too depressed if I did) and realized that I've gained like 15 pounds since summer. 'Course, I was swimming every day last summer. And now I'm not. But I will be skiing in a couple of weeks, Lord willing. Oh yes, I can't wait.



I want a smoothie.

Ugh. I shouldn't have eaten that chicken fried steak. Vegetarian type people should not indulge and eat chicken fried steak. My tummy hurts.

See, I only eat vegetarian because I feel better when I do. I'm not one of those, "Oh, the poor chickens" type people. I adore animals of all kinds, but I refuse to be a militant paint-throwing animal rights person because it's just not my scene. But my body is happier when I eat vegetarian... which is evidenced by my situation with the chicken fried steak. It just sounded so good.

Yesterday was the day of creepy customers. They come in waves, I find. We'll go a long time without them, and then in one day we get 8. Yesterday, there were two guys in there who come in all the time, carry stuff around for an hour, and then never buy anything. Except yesterday they decided to actually break down and make a purchase, and when I stepped up to the register to help one of them, it smelled, umm, less than fresh. Wow. I walked into a cloud of death. People need to learn to not rip gnarly ones in my store. Please. For the love of fresh air. And it was so rank that it got in my nose and I smelled it all day. Why me? What did I do?

Then, after I got back from an errand, I walked in and this guy was acting very shady... dodging me every time I looked at him, hiding behind stuff in the gift area, just generally lurking in the gift area, where men NEVER hang around, and when I asked him if he needed help with anything he responding (much too quickly), "No, I'm fine." CJ and Phillip also caught on and felt like he was acting suspiciously as well, so we all followed him around and let him know he was being watched. I'm not sure if he got away with anything -- we couldn't approach him and say, "Hey, dude, whatcha been sticking in your pockets?" But he was mighty shady. Mighty shady, indeed.

Then another woman tried to use a stolen credit card. Hmmmm. Must have been thieves' day out.

I would have a much better time understanding the kleptos if I didn't work in a Christian bookstore.

Why can't people just ACT NICE? Just be nice. Just do what's right. Is that so hard?

And don't fart in my store. Please.

Tomorrow we are going to Galveston for a gig. That should be fun. I'm looking forward to getting out of town for a spell.

I was thinking today about how much traveling it looks like we're going to be doing this year. It's about time. I LOVE traveling. It's been a long time since I've been out of state! I cannot wait for Colorado. The mountains are my happy place.

Oh, and I was watching a thing on the History Channel today... it seems that the part of southern CO where we'll be is a hotbed of UFO activity. We're already stopping in Roswell on the way up there, but maybe we'll see ET in Colorado too.

"Mulder, you are acting BIZARRE!"

Jeff, I'll bring you a t-shirt.

I am not remotely tired. It's 9:15 and I should be getting sleepy. We have to leave at 8:00am tomorrow. My family does not know what that time of day looks like. We are vampires. 8:00 is ugly. So I know I should go to bed soon, but alas, I am not ready. Looks like it's going to be a valerian root night for me.


carrot cake

we are hanging at the blue cactus cafe right now... just got done with our set and now i'm watching david play electric and keys with the sinners. it makes me want to do more with ljg. we have lots of options but we never use them!

the whole cibolo creek gang is here...gotta love cibolo. chris is so blessed to have a church that supports him as much as they do.

well i'm gonna sign off...my contacts suck today and it hurts to look at anything up close...



Random 24 musings...

I have SO been meaning to blog about 24, the best show currently on television, but I'm usually exhausted Monday nights and want to go to sleep after being riveted for a full hour by 24, the best show currently on television.

So... anyone watching 24 right now? No one gets it. You HAVE to watch 24. You are compelled to watch 24. It is the best show currently on television.

Here's the deal. David and I have always waited till the season comes out on DVD, and then, as you know, we watch 8 eps in a row because it is so freaking addictive, and then I am a blithering idiot for days until I can get my fix. It's like heroin. It really is.

But this time we are watching the 4th season as they air it, and I don't think I can take it! One episode at a time SUCKS! Thanks to TIVO, though, it's nice to skip through commercials and also to know that we won't miss an episode. You can't miss an episode with 24.

I couldn't believe my eyes Monday night.... TONY is back! I missed Tony. They cleared out every last character from the previous 3 seasons, and some I missed, and others (like stupid Kim) I didn't. So it was really cool to see Almeda swooping in and saving the day. But the obvious questions arise: He's supposed to be in prison. How the heck did he get out? Where is Michelle? And Tony was never a field agent, so how is he suddenly superman (he got shot the moment he went out in the field last season).

Okay, oh, and this is my other complaint. Every season, for some reason, they allow some random civilian to come into CTU during a crisis, and that random person ends up causing all sorts of trouble. Last season it was Gayel's wife, who then shot the main terrorist guy. This season it's Erin's schizo daughter, who's going to go nuts shortly, I'm sure. Oh, and Audrey's ex-husband. Why is he still hanging around CTU? I don't trust him.

See, if this were truly a government agency, civilians would NOT be allowed on the CTU floor. They would (if they were allowed in at all) be contained to an area where they could not see, know, or interfere with the operations of CTU. Because CTU's operations are supposedly critical and crucial to national security. That would never happen in real life.

Does anyone else think that Dina Araz is a man?

Behrooz has replaced Kim as the dumbest person on the show this season.

I think Chloe is coming back.

I think it's sad to see President Palmer doing Allstate commercials now. Poor President Palmer. He was so good.

Is it just me, or does this new president sound suspiciously like John Kerry when he talks? And what's the deal with the airplane? He's been in the air for like 7 hours now.

Erin Driscoll looks like she needs to be on Star Trek. She just really suits that part. I can totally see her in a Star Trek uniform.

I don't know if I like Jack's girlfriend. She's so different from Terri. And even Nina for that matter. Gosh, I miss Nina. She was such a great bad guy.

Alright. I think that's all. I must go make waffles for Punky. Back to reality.


Do not bray.

I do not like February.

I have never liked it. It is an ugly month. It's not the holidays anymore, but it's always grey and drizzly. There are always really stale things going on around town... nothing really exciting. Globetrotters, Monster Trucks, stock shows... I have generally always hated anything that happens at convention centers. Especially in February. Especially when it's drizzly. And I can't ever get myself motivated to do anything because it's so blah outside. And I really hate pink, and February is all about pink doilies. I don't like doilies.

So there. Is it March yet?

I am so excited about March. We are going skiing!!! YAAAAAAAY! I haven't been to Colorado in 13 years. David and Punky have never been. Punky has never seen snow. It is going to ROCK!

I am such a mountain person. I feel so close to God in the mountains. I have craved the Rockies for 13 years, and it is so exciting to be able to go again.

But let me tell you, this trip is going to be very, very weird for me.

22 years ago, when I was about 9, my family went to a family camp with our church in Colorado. That was the last trip we took as a normal family. My dad got sick at the end of the trip, had to be hospitalized the day after we got back, and contracted HIV through a blood transfusion. The next several years were hell... and he passed away in '86.

That Colorado trip is my most vivid childhood memory. It's the last time I really remember doing things with my dad. I remember the lodge we stayed in vividly, from the snow tubing hill to skiing at Monarch to playing "Pit" with Missy Davidson in the Crow's Nest at the lodge to ice skating in the outdoor rink. There are so many memories of that week, and then everything became one giant blur after that as I tried my best as a kid to deal with a terminally ill parent. My childhood basically ended when that ski trip ended.

God works in crazy ways. Crazy! Last fall, when we went to Youth Specialties, I was walking through the exhibit hall and happened to pass a booth for this place in Colorado called Horn Creek. The woman I talked to invited us up for a "pastoral retreat" and mentioned that they also have summer camp for youth there. So we decided to take the pastoral retreat (and later take the youth) as our vacation and go skiing and just hang in the mountains.

But the more I thought about Horn Creek, which is near Monarch Ski resort, the more I kept thinking about that family camp 20 years ago. I knew it was going to be weird skiing at Monarch again, and that sent me down memory lane as I thought about it.

Today I talked to my mom and found out that the camp we went to 20 years ago was in fact HORN CREEK! Can you imagine? What are the odds? I couldn't have found the place if I tried, but here I just "happened" to stumble onto their booth at a conference in Dallas.

So it's going to be really strange going back to Horn Creek with my husband and son. My life has come full circle, and it will be very healing to revisit that moment of my childhood, the last bastion of innocence and joy before everything changed so very drastically. There are memories that have come up today that have been locked away for years and years. I am looking forward to unlocking more.

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