Random 24 Musings (again)

I can't believe it's already Thursday. This week has gotten away from me... I meant to post about Monday's ep much, much sooner than this.

So Tony Almeda is a drunk, angry bum. I loved the "let's catch up the viewers" game that he and Jack played in the car... "Jack, you got me out of prison, Michelle left me, and I have no job." Thanks, Tony. Because I was wondering about all three of those questions. Seemed a little too easy, though. I miss Michelle. I really began to like her last season.

Why was Tony watching Mexican soccer? In Spanish?

oooooh, Aisha Tyler is getting on my nerves. They really have a way of making the bad women really easy to hate. She's not a Sherry Palmer and certainly not a Nina, but she'll do in a pinch. I'm glad they busted her.

I still think Erin belongs on Star Trek commanding Voyager or one of those B-grade, WB spin-offs. She just screams "Vulcan."

What's up with CTU hiring these borderline autistic people (e.g. Chloe, Edgar)? Edgar is really close to being Rainman. Must be that quirky computer nerd thing. At least he won't bring a random baby into CTU and try to hide it... at least, I hope not.

Dina and Behrooz are screwed, basically. They'll end up finding Jack somehow, I'm sure. But we'll be watching many a near miss with them for the next, oh, 8 eps, most likely.

OK, where the heck is President Kerry-sound-alike -- sorry, Keeler -- going? He's been in the air for ummm....(counting on fingers)... 8 hours now. Is he just flying all the way around the globe because he can? Or are they keeping him and his peeps in the air for security reasons? Not clear, Mr. Writer. Not clear at all.

Are we actually going to get to see Kim this season? As stupid as she is, I can't imagine that she'll just live an off-screen, Season-8-Mulder-like existence the whole season.

Man, I miss X-Files. But I digress....

I've noticed that with 24, things tend to build and build and climax, and then there's an episode of rest before the tension begins to build again. This was that episode. Not too action-packed, new situations developing... man, I'm brain dead. I've forgotten how to use English. I had to think for a minute before the word "developing" came to me. Wow.

I started my new "get unfat" program this week... so in addition to cutting calories way back, I've been excercising like a fool. Running every day, lifting weights, yoga, etc. Problem is, I'm freaking STARVING all the time. I can't tell if my body is just adjusting to not overeating all the time, or if I need to add more calories in since I'm working out more... I guess I'll wait a week and see. When I get hungry, though, I get stupid. Can't function the ole' reasoning center of my brain.

My moment of realization happened last Sunday when I stepped on my mother-in-law's scale (I don't own one of those things... I'd be too depressed if I did) and realized that I've gained like 15 pounds since summer. 'Course, I was swimming every day last summer. And now I'm not. But I will be skiing in a couple of weeks, Lord willing. Oh yes, I can't wait.



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