Random 24 musings...

I have SO been meaning to blog about 24, the best show currently on television, but I'm usually exhausted Monday nights and want to go to sleep after being riveted for a full hour by 24, the best show currently on television.

So... anyone watching 24 right now? No one gets it. You HAVE to watch 24. You are compelled to watch 24. It is the best show currently on television.

Here's the deal. David and I have always waited till the season comes out on DVD, and then, as you know, we watch 8 eps in a row because it is so freaking addictive, and then I am a blithering idiot for days until I can get my fix. It's like heroin. It really is.

But this time we are watching the 4th season as they air it, and I don't think I can take it! One episode at a time SUCKS! Thanks to TIVO, though, it's nice to skip through commercials and also to know that we won't miss an episode. You can't miss an episode with 24.

I couldn't believe my eyes Monday night.... TONY is back! I missed Tony. They cleared out every last character from the previous 3 seasons, and some I missed, and others (like stupid Kim) I didn't. So it was really cool to see Almeda swooping in and saving the day. But the obvious questions arise: He's supposed to be in prison. How the heck did he get out? Where is Michelle? And Tony was never a field agent, so how is he suddenly superman (he got shot the moment he went out in the field last season).

Okay, oh, and this is my other complaint. Every season, for some reason, they allow some random civilian to come into CTU during a crisis, and that random person ends up causing all sorts of trouble. Last season it was Gayel's wife, who then shot the main terrorist guy. This season it's Erin's schizo daughter, who's going to go nuts shortly, I'm sure. Oh, and Audrey's ex-husband. Why is he still hanging around CTU? I don't trust him.

See, if this were truly a government agency, civilians would NOT be allowed on the CTU floor. They would (if they were allowed in at all) be contained to an area where they could not see, know, or interfere with the operations of CTU. Because CTU's operations are supposedly critical and crucial to national security. That would never happen in real life.

Does anyone else think that Dina Araz is a man?

Behrooz has replaced Kim as the dumbest person on the show this season.

I think Chloe is coming back.

I think it's sad to see President Palmer doing Allstate commercials now. Poor President Palmer. He was so good.

Is it just me, or does this new president sound suspiciously like John Kerry when he talks? And what's the deal with the airplane? He's been in the air for like 7 hours now.

Erin Driscoll looks like she needs to be on Star Trek. She just really suits that part. I can totally see her in a Star Trek uniform.

I don't know if I like Jack's girlfriend. She's so different from Terri. And even Nina for that matter. Gosh, I miss Nina. She was such a great bad guy.

Alright. I think that's all. I must go make waffles for Punky. Back to reality.


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