I want a smoothie.

Ugh. I shouldn't have eaten that chicken fried steak. Vegetarian type people should not indulge and eat chicken fried steak. My tummy hurts.

See, I only eat vegetarian because I feel better when I do. I'm not one of those, "Oh, the poor chickens" type people. I adore animals of all kinds, but I refuse to be a militant paint-throwing animal rights person because it's just not my scene. But my body is happier when I eat vegetarian... which is evidenced by my situation with the chicken fried steak. It just sounded so good.

Yesterday was the day of creepy customers. They come in waves, I find. We'll go a long time without them, and then in one day we get 8. Yesterday, there were two guys in there who come in all the time, carry stuff around for an hour, and then never buy anything. Except yesterday they decided to actually break down and make a purchase, and when I stepped up to the register to help one of them, it smelled, umm, less than fresh. Wow. I walked into a cloud of death. People need to learn to not rip gnarly ones in my store. Please. For the love of fresh air. And it was so rank that it got in my nose and I smelled it all day. Why me? What did I do?

Then, after I got back from an errand, I walked in and this guy was acting very shady... dodging me every time I looked at him, hiding behind stuff in the gift area, just generally lurking in the gift area, where men NEVER hang around, and when I asked him if he needed help with anything he responding (much too quickly), "No, I'm fine." CJ and Phillip also caught on and felt like he was acting suspiciously as well, so we all followed him around and let him know he was being watched. I'm not sure if he got away with anything -- we couldn't approach him and say, "Hey, dude, whatcha been sticking in your pockets?" But he was mighty shady. Mighty shady, indeed.

Then another woman tried to use a stolen credit card. Hmmmm. Must have been thieves' day out.

I would have a much better time understanding the kleptos if I didn't work in a Christian bookstore.

Why can't people just ACT NICE? Just be nice. Just do what's right. Is that so hard?

And don't fart in my store. Please.

Tomorrow we are going to Galveston for a gig. That should be fun. I'm looking forward to getting out of town for a spell.

I was thinking today about how much traveling it looks like we're going to be doing this year. It's about time. I LOVE traveling. It's been a long time since I've been out of state! I cannot wait for Colorado. The mountains are my happy place.

Oh, and I was watching a thing on the History Channel today... it seems that the part of southern CO where we'll be is a hotbed of UFO activity. We're already stopping in Roswell on the way up there, but maybe we'll see ET in Colorado too.

"Mulder, you are acting BIZARRE!"

Jeff, I'll bring you a t-shirt.

I am not remotely tired. It's 9:15 and I should be getting sleepy. We have to leave at 8:00am tomorrow. My family does not know what that time of day looks like. We are vampires. 8:00 is ugly. So I know I should go to bed soon, but alas, I am not ready. Looks like it's going to be a valerian root night for me.


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