Fried Rice

So wow... I haven't blogged in a long time. This past week got away from me again. Let's see... to catch up:

Tuesday of last week I woke up and my eyes were completely stuck shut. Completely (one of the kids in my youth group asked, "So how did you know you were awake?"). I unstuck them, staggered into the bathroom to look at what was going on, and was alarmed to find that the whites of my eyes were sticking out like little bubbles past my eyelids. I freaked: I was having my very own personal X-Files episode in my bathroom. Cool. I then proceeded to awake my husband, tell him to get up and take me to the doctor (he had to drive since my eyes would not accept my contacts at the moment), and got dressed. On my way into town, I did some research on the web, thanks to my ever-faithful Treo, and found that I had allergy-related conjunctivitis, which is a fancy word for "pinkeye." I told David that I really didn't want to go to a doctor, sit for an hour, and pay $150 for him to tell me the same information I had just gotten from the web, especially since there's really nothing they can give you for it, so we went to HEB instead to get some antihistamine drops.

So picture this: I'm at HEB all slummed out, having not showered and properly dressed for the day in my haste to get medical help. My eyes are tearing up excessively. I have my glasses on, which are cool but less than attractive, and the prescription is 10 years old and so I really have to squint like Mr. Magoo to see properly out of them. David had dropped me off and was next door at Half Price Books. I decided to get all my groceries while I was there, so I was standing in the laundry aisle when I hear someone coming towards me from behind. I was in NO WAY obstructing the aisle -- there was plenty of room to pass. But as this guy passes me, he reaches out and (key "Psycho" music) GRABS MY BUTT!!!! Not like, "oops, I just accidentally brushed it, sorry," but, "I am totally going to cop a major feel because I'm entitled." He GRABBED MY BUTT!!! It took me off guard, and I mumbled, "Excuse me" or something, and as he left the aisle, the realization struck me that, omigosh, he did that on purpose! I went down another aisle, and a few seconds later, I see Mr. Creepy coming toward me again. I move to another aisle, just to make sure that we're not just going in the same direction coincidentally, and I see him lurking on that aisle. Thing is, he's not buying anything. He has nothing in his hands, but he's strangely studious of anything on the shelves that happen to be within 15 feet of me. So at this point, I realize that he is stalking me, and I get on the phone and call David, who is literally at my side within 32.8 seconds. And he's ticked. Mr. Creepy, meantime, who couldn't find me because I dodged him and went to the front of the store to wait for David, had headed over to the produce and was intently perusing an orange or something. David walked over to him and gave him the ol' fisheye for about 5 minutes, long enough for him to understand that he was being watched, and then David rejoined me on the other side of the store. Mr. Creepy, I noticed, was following David, presumably to verify whether or not David was with me, and when that fact was cofirmed, he promptly disappeared. He never did buy any groceries. Funny, that.

I'm just really glad David was there. I couldn't have left HEB with that going on.


Okay, so I figured out why I was so blooming hungry all the time... I had my calories calculated based on a moderate exercise level, and when I added up all my workouts for the past few weeks, I should have been calculating calories for an active level of activity. So I wasn't getting enough calories! Yaaayy!! I get to eat more! It was REALLY hard to stay under a calorie limit of 1600-1700 a day. Now I get 1800-1900, and it feels like I'm pigging out! But I did lose 3 pounds last week. Happy.

I went hiking yesterday because I was tired of waiting to find someone to go with me. So I just up and went, in the rain, by myself, and it was fun. I burned like 1083 calories. And then got to celebrate last night at the Pasta Bar downtown. Yum.

I finally watched the Grammys today. They were good, except for J-Lo. Wow. And I don't know what it is, but Kanye West just really irritates me. I have never seen such a baby... he totally acts like a spoiled brat who thinks he deserves special treatment, and his attitude just really irks me. Loretta Lynn and Jack White were hilarious.

Okay. Carpal Tunnel is bothering me and I need to go wash my face.

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