24 Musings

Last night Jack got to stick it to Paul, whom he suspected was operating as a hostile. Jack's so cool. Who else would resort to yanking out lamp wires as a makeshift questioning tool? That's brilliant. He really should have sent Audrey out... She was horrified at seeing the "real" Jack and I suspect is having feelings of sympathy and pity for Paul. That can't be good for Jack.

Although, David had a good point: she can't be too shocked. After all, her father is the Sec. Of State. She has to know that these types of actions are necessary in a crisis. She seems smart... We'll see if she can withstand the stress and hang tough with Jack or not. She doesn't deserve him if she can't hang. Terri was tough, and thinking back to her, she seemed more way more prepared to handle the crises than Audrey is. Interesting.

Curtis, amazingly, isn't dead. Haven't these terrorists learned that if you don't kill the CTU people on the spot, they're going to escape? Didn't they watch the last seasons? Curtis proves to be pretty bad-to-the-bone... he killed those dudes with his bare hands. Jack would be so proud! :)

So Curtis, proving to be better equipped in the field than Almeda was last year, kicks butt and takes names and manages to escape. Jack's questioning leads to the same building, to the same guy, Marwan. Hmmm....

I was reminded, as Tony was questioning Dina, of Jack's handling of Nina in Season 2. Only Tony didn't kick over any tables. Hmm... Dina... Nina.... maybe the spirit of Nina lives on after all. Nina, however, didn't have a weakness like Dina does with her son.

Okay, and Driscoll's daughter... I'm really tired of that story line. I kept thinking throughout the episode that the daughter was going to end up stabbing someone on the CTU floor, namely Driscoll herself. Put the dadgum daughter in a state hospital, dangit! Why is she at CTU? Again, don't these people watch the show? They have to know that any random outsider is ALWAYS going to wreak havoc.

Oh, I get it. Daughter offs herself. Erin seems mildly upset. She's very cold... even Jack would have freaked out more if it had been Kim. That just proves my point that Erin is a Vulcan and incapable of showing emotion. So now what? Erin leaves, and Jack/Tony will be the "temporary" head of CTU again. It's about time.

You know what is absent from this season of CTU? The ever-dreaded "Division" threat. In every previous year, the bad bureaucrats from Division have always shown up and put the hurt on whoever is in charge. I guess since Jack killed Chapelle and since George died in season 2, they've learned not to mess with CTU. Although Erin, being a Vulcan, plays by the book, so they've had no reason to interfere. Just wait till Tony takes over again.....

President Keening is still flying around. He's been in the air for 11 hours now. What a wimp. I'm always shocked, but he sounds SO much like John Kerry. I really think that was intentional. He's so hands-off... I miss Palmer.

Oh, and look, Jack found the override device. Curtis and Edgar have effectively saved the world. Wait, it's only 6:00! We have like 13 more hours! Marwan has escaped dressed as a CTU officer. Crap. Now what? I can't take it! I'm going to be in freaking ROSWELL next week and won't get to see it! Oh, TIVO, don't fail me now.....


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