Show me your friends and I'll show you your future...

I told you that I would return to being an adult today. So I will apologize to my readers who took my gloating personally yesterday. It was not directed at you.

I'm not gloating about continued war. But since we are at war, I truly believe, as do 75% of the soldiers over in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as the rest of the military, that our current commander-in-chief is the best man for the job.

I was gloating because Michael Moore and his hate-spewing socialist agenda, and the American Communist Party, and P. Diddy and his "Vote or Die" lame-brain MTV ultra-ultra left-wing agendas will not be running our country.

I am so tired of being screamed at by the people that John Kerry was in bed with. So tired of hearing the dadgum Dixie Chicks and Bruce Springsteen and Sheryl Crow and Bonnie Raitt tell me that I'm an idiot if I don't vote the way they say.

The country is less divided now than it was even when Clinton was president. Proof of that is in Tuesday's numbers. No president in history has had a popular vote number that large, and no president since 1988 (that includes you Dems' golden boy) has won an election with a popular vote majority... until now.

So I'm sorry if you felt I was rubbing *your* nose in defeat... I wasn't. My words were directed to the people who have been screaming and ranting and spewing hatred and causing the division in the first place. I'd say America spoke back on Tuesday. It's Democracy, and I'm grateful for it.

Now, can't we all just get along?



Most popular votes in history...

2004: Bush 58,390,139 (current, from CNN)
2000: Gore 50,996,582
1996: Clinton 45,590,703*
1992: Clinton 44,908,254*
1988: Bush 47,946,000
1984: Reagan 54,455,000
1980: Reagan 43,901,812

* not a popular vote majority

Smackdown in Congress...

Smackdown in Senate...

The cherry on top is that Daschle is out...

Tomorrow I will be an adult. Today I will gloat.

Michael Moore, Dixie Chicks, MTV, Bruce Springsteen, Osama Bin Laden: kiss my hiney.


America has spoken. And so have I.

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