I have just finished watching 5 hours of 24. I am absolutely bleary-eyed, braindead, and exhausted! That show... yeah. That show has literally taken me through every emotion possible. What a GREAT show! I still have like 8 hours to go..... Kiefer is amazing. Yes. Hello.

Oh, and can I just say that "A Mighty Wind" is my favorite movie of the year? Yeah, it's up there with "O Brother, Where Art Thou" for me. I will own it on DVD. The DVD has some absolutely hilarious outtakes and deleted scenes and extra stuff. They are brilliant. Brilliant. David and I just watched the extras tonight... we'll watch the movie (with commentary, thank you) tomorrow. Dave and I are Mitch and Mickey. Now what did I do with my autoharp?

Okay. Must....sleep. I can't even type. Just had to unwind from my roller coaster of emotions following 24.

Oh, one more thing... speaking of sleep. This site is the bomb regarding dreams. I found that many of my dreams are pretty common... like that crazy "back in college" dream...

Now I will go dream of bombs and Kiefer and CTU. Pardon my obsession.


mind the gap.

I am blogarific!

Hehehe. Just felt like using that word. It's sort of like smurfarific. Or smurfy. Or smurftacular. Or absosmurfly fabulous.

My stove blew up this morning. I was making my coffee... had to boil water because I'm doing coffee in my french press lately (off of cappuccino for the week to give myself a break), and as I took the teapot off the stove, the burner shot many sparks out at me. They were sort of like those roman candles you get at the fireworks stand... they sounded just like that and were little white balls o' flame. Cute! Anyway, so I guess I won't be cooking tonight! Yay! Actually, I enjoy cooking, but I'd rather not be aflame whilst doing so.

I seem to have carpal tunnel just in my ring finger on my right hand. Go figure.....

Okay. So tonight, we have nothing going on. We have 5, count 'em, 5 eps of 24 to watch! Gggggggg! I'm so excited. I'm so addicted. I woke up the other day thinking about it. Gosh, what a freaking GREAT show it is! I love Kiefer. He is so cool.

We have very little time left before we send off our album to the replicators! I'm so excited. I talked to the CD manufacturing company today and got the prices all nailed down, and now David and I just have to pick some pics for the inside, and we're done! Wooohoo! I can't wait.

Oh, David just emailed me and reminded me that A Might Wind comes out on DVD today. Packed with extra features even! I can't wait. Gotta see it. Ooooh, 24... A Mighty Wind... 24.... A Mighty Wind..... I'm going to implode with all these quality viewing choices!

Okay. Gotta go fix my stove, take a shower, make my bed, fold some laundry, and get the mail.

Peace and chicken grease.........



Hey, cool! This was one of my favorite songs as a child of the 80's. I even had the Eurythmics 45" single of this song! That's right, vinyl, baby!

Sweet Dreams
"Sweet Dreams" (by Eurythmics)
Sweet dreams are made of this
Who am I to disagree?
Travel the world and the seven seas
Everybody's looking for something
Some of them want to use you
Some of them want to get used by you
Some of them want to abuse you
Some of them want to be abused

Which 80's Song Fits You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Man, oh man. I was offline all day yesterday because my internet connection died. Had to take extreme measures and sign up with another internet provider... the easiest way for me to do that, unfortunately, was to use my AOL disc. I haven't used aol in like 4 years... and vowed I never would again. Ever. But desperate times call for desperate measures, and so I'm back online again with AOL. Ugh. It already sucks. I forgot... I must say, though, that hearing that little man in my computer saying, "Welcome! You've got mail!" Brought back many fond memories...

See, I got my first computer in '91... it was a Macintosh Performa 405 (66 mhz processor with 4 megs of ram! A screamer!). It was soooo exciting for me, being in college, having a computer, and then there was this thing called America Online that had these crazy features like chat... I was hooked. Totally hooked. I couldn't stop chatting! That I could sign on and talk to people halfway around the world was insanely fun, and I made a lot of "friends" in the music chat rooms back then. We would exchange tapes (ha! tapes! The good ol' days before CD burners were around!) of artists we liked. It was a fun little innocent community. No spam. No porn. No psychos. Just nerds like me who had found a new toy. And it was so easy... I couldn't understand why other people weren't all into it like me. But no one that I knew was online. I don't think AOL even had a web browser back then, because Al Gore hadn't yet invented the internet. So AOL was this cozy little micro-internet with all sorts of fun things.

Ahhhh... those were the days. I still have friends from those old AOL days... the Shawn Colvin bulletin board on AOL became, eventually, in '95 or '96, the Shawn Colvin email list which is still alive and kicking today, and my good friend Jean runs it. Jean was there in the beginning too. Life is weird.

I remembered last night how bad AOL got once it really took off... you could never get on because it was always busy, so you'd sit there and dial for like an hour listening to busy signals through your modem. And if you got online around 5:00pm, it was slow as all get out because everyone and their dog was online at that time... internet rush hour. That's so stinking funny!

So yesterday I was offline all day. It's amazing what wondrous things can be done when one is not tied to one's computer. My whole house is clean! And, for some weird reason, my cd burner is suddenly working again (my computer is possessed), so I was able to burn about 40 LJG CDs that I've been needing to do for three weeks now.

David and I have watched a total of 7 hours of 24, season 2. I wasn't sure what to expect. I didn't think they would be able to pull off another perfect season like the first. The first season was so incredible, so well written... and dang it, if we didn't stay up till midnight last night because we couldn't stop watching! Every episode ends with a cliffhanger. Actually, several cliffhangers. It's horribly addictive.

This season, it has all the same characters as the last, but they've also introduced a few new characters that have their own arc (which will, I'm sure, eventually connect with the main story). I've decided that every blonde on the show is terribly irritating. Kimberly, the daughter of Kiefer's character, is annoying because she is so stupid. Then there are these two california rich girl sisters that I just want to punch... all they do is whine and cry. Ugh. But I am pretty sure it's written that way. Oh, and the wife that Kimberly works for as a nanny is also blonde and powerless... there's a domestic violence story going on there too, and that one disturbs me greatly... but all the stories rolled together make this show just absolutely amazing. There is so much going on. And the "real time" concept in this show is so cool. So cool.

So that's what I've been doing with my life the past couple of days....

Oh, man, we had a GREAT gig at Scenic Loop Saturday night. It was chaotic at the front end... we got there and found out that we were playing inside because of the rain, which was fine, but the sound system that is inside only had 4 channels to plug into. David and I alone use 5 channels (two for vocals, two for guitars, one for cello), and we were going to have drums and an additional guitarist who himself had 2 guitars. So that was a little freaky. We made it work... had a full band running through one speaker, but it was so much fun. Ron did amazingly well on guitar... it was so nice to hear those parts and to have them played live.

So we had a great gig... the place was packed and we got a great response. Went home and slept like banshees because we were exhausted and had to be up at 5:30am to do worship at church. Worship on Sundays is always an adventure... there are always a zillion technical issues and other things to make my life so much fun on Sunday mornings when I am always half asleep... but that went fine. Then David remembered that our sound system was locked away in our car which was locked up at Quality Automotive because it's getting a new transmission... and he needed the sound system for his gig with Chris immediately following church. After much weeping and gnashing of teeth, we got word to Chris and they used Chris' sound system, but that was nuts too. THEN, as we're rushing back to church so that I can do worship AND youth group for the evening service, we see Chris' car fall apart in front of us, so we have to push his car off the road and throw all of our stuff into his car and take him with us so that I can be dropped off in Pipe Creek and Chris and Dave can go back to San Antonio to mess with Chris' car. So by Sunday night, I was exhausted. Exhausted. But it was a fun weekend.


NP: June Christy -- Something Cool -- The complete mono and stereo versions (1954).


Oh.....my......gosh! I am so excited. We are about to begin a marathon viewing of 24, the second season, disc 1. 4 hours of 24. 4 hours of Keifer. 4 hours of unadulterated viewing fun.

Life doesn't get much better than this.

And when Punky wakes me up at 6:30am tomorrow morning (Saturday), I will not regret staying up till 1 to watch all 4 eps.

Oh, no. I will revel.

StupidStuff.org - Your Pirate Name

Arrrrrr... ahoy matey. Today is September 19, which is (arrrrr....) National Talk Like A Pirate Day! Shiver me timbers! I feel the need to sing me favorite song: "Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?..."

Okay. I am tired, sick and tired, of all the sniveling liberal college brats who think it's cool to hate Bush just because it's what college students are supposed to do. Old liberals are breeding new liberals, obviously, and the mindless acceptance of liberal propaganda is prevalent because these kids (most of whom are trying to rebel against their parents conservatism) just want to "free their minds" and they buy into the liberal agenda without even bothering to think it through. And true to the lie, they say they *have* thought it through, but really all they do is just swallow the trendy blah blah blah of their peers and MTV.

Anyway, what got me on this rant in the first place is the promotion in many, many recent blogs of this website. They are taking up the cause... some dude is randomly hanging this sign in Orange County:

And everyone's all excited about it, calling it "freeway blogging" because the guy will hang it somewhere for awhile, and then it will disappear and show up randomly somewhere else. Of course, all the liberal college student "free-thinking" robots go, "Yeah, man, that's right. That's really heavy."

STUPID! Do I even have to point out the obvious here?

Speaking of Democraps, this is pretty funny.

Ted Kennedy is seen here preparing for Hurricane Isabel which turned out not to be as a severe as predicted. Kennedy quickly blamed George Bush for making up the storm in order to deflect attention from the current situation in Vietnam... I mean Iraq. (Thanks to the Glenn Beck website for that.)

Arrrr.... I wonder if me matey Teddy is seaworthy? Avast, me hearties!

-Wild Eyed John (my pirate name, generated here.)

lady jane grey:

progressive americana with a smile, a broken cello, coffee on the jeans, a whiny background singer, a "ban the tube tops" poster, killer tunes, bad attitude towards fluffy the dandruff burger, meat and chilli left on the counter, 8 pack of ensure, day glow pants and a wife beater tank, songs about love and the never ending search for the freakin' frusion ice bars, americana- banana- uma- oprah- oprah- uma- fo fana! bowling balls with only two holes, chapstick in your pants pocket as you throw into heavy rotation
dryer cycle, belly button lint (and i've got an outty- so how does that work?) acoustic guitars and a hand drum, sticky chord changes, drama queen with a perty voice and an unmistakable, easily identifiable desire to be the next brittany... and a guitar player who won't stop until he's shaken the hands of mr. roper, isaac, the man with TWO hands, and hutch.

now you see they are more than a band - they are a religion... follow, send your money, send your soul.

lady is waitng and her pet jasper the guitar gorf is restless...

--Chris Taylor


MySanAntonio : Music

Adventures of a Famous Cello


The Fan Gallery

The Fan Gallery

Hey, look, ma! We're famous!

I love KFAN.

Bolshoi Decides It's Over Before 'Fat' Lady Dances

Bolshoi Fires Top Ballerina For Being Too Fat

If this woman is fat -- she is 5'6" and weighs 109 -- then I'm a freaking elephant. Gimme a break. I don't care if she's an irritating, impossible diva. Geez, and we complain about the messages Cosmo sends to young girls...

Art Watch - September 7, 2003 - MP3s Are Not the Devil - The Ornery American

Art Watch - September 7, 2003 - MP3s Are Not the Devil - The Ornery American

This is the best article I have ever seen regarding the issue of MP3s and how much the record companies say they're "losing" because of them.

MP3s are NOT the devil. They are my friend.



yeah well. I am not really sure I want to be blogging this late. It's like after 11pm but I'm not really ready to wind down yet.

Hey didja know you can post comments on my mindless rants now? Yeah, look at the bottom of each blog post. See? Cool. Now I expect all of you readers to interact, y'hear? I worked hard getting the code right.

So ummm... nothing much to say. Man, I'm boring.

We had a photo shoot with Paul today and that was fun. David thinks he looks old and fat. I think I look old and fat. Britney I am not. Thank God. But yeah, I'm 30. That's freaky. Anyway, the record is like so almost done! Actually, it's miraculous that the pics turned out at all... we had to drive an hour downtown with no air conditioning, and so I got all windblown and sweaty. Scuse me, glow-y. Because allegedly women don't sweat. But really, I do. I ain't dainty. I hate dainty.

You know what I realized tonight? I'm a blog loser. Or maybe just a blog loner. I don't know anyone else in the whole world who blogs! I look at all these young whippersnappers who have blogs, and they have these long, long lists of folks who are friends of theirs who blog. I have nary a one. Part of it is that I live in Pipe Creek. Part of it is that all my friends are artists and I'm the only one of the lot of them who actually knows how to use a computer (well, okay, Chris and Kathy, at least you can turn yours on... so I take it back). And the others just don't seem to want to mess with it. See, and all my friends would be such GOOD bloggers. Get on it, okay? I want to be cool and have a list of blog friends. It's lonely out here.

I'm having right hand issues right now. Space bar is sticking... makes my thumb hurt like it has carpal tunnel... only I know you can't have that in your upper thumb. Anyway, and my nails are long on that hand, so typing is not fun. Maybe I'll just have to type the word "stewardesses" over and over again for the rest of the entry. Because "stewardesses" is the longest word typed entirely with the left hand. See? Stewardesses. Stewardesses. But that's like knowing Latin... the word "stewardesses" is archaic. It's "flight attendant" now, and that requires both hands to type. Can't win for losing.

Okay. Good night.

CNN.com - Making a video screen out of thin air - Sep. 15, 2003

CNN.com - Making a video screen out of thin air

Omigosh! It's like "Minority Report!" How cool! I want one!

Music of the Heavens Turns Out to Sound a Lot Like a B Flat


Wow! I just logged into blogger and it has all sorts of new features! Fun!

It's feeling much like autumn outside... I am so happy about that. I love fall. It's truly my happiest time of year! It's only 70 degrees out right now... I have the windows open. I'm drinking some sort of orange-flavored coffee... I don't drink flavored coffee that much, but I was at the store last night, and instead of going all the way down to Starbucks and getting my normal espresso for the week, I opted for regular coffee and the orange just sounded good. Fall temps and all... It just went together. It's nice to depart from my crazy cappuccino every now and then... funny thing is, I'm all wired right now because regular coffee has more caffeine in it... Especially the lighter roasts, and flavored coffee is usually pretty lightly roasted.

So umm, I didn't blog much last week... The week just got away from me. Still fighting with my computer. Neither CD burner works... I think my computer is pooping out on me. Tired of things breaking!!!!!

So Saturday I was driving out to Boerne to pick up Punky's friend who was going to come over for the day, and my car died on the highway. Couldn't get it out of neutral. Actually, it wouldn't do anything but park. Yeah... It was the transmission. The FREAKING TRANSMISSION! What is up with that? I've NEVER had to replace a transmission before! Yeah, I'm real excited about that one. See? Things just keep breaking. It's almost funny to me. Almost.

Saturday night, after three nights of gigs, I was beat... dead tired. Really looking forward to going to sleep... so I'm almost asleep and I hear all this rustling going on over on the nightstand. Thought, "What the heck is David doing?" and then went back to sleep. Then I heard it again, only under the bed. I realized quickly that it was a critter... a mouse! UGH! Now before all of you get all grossed out and think that I'm a bad housekeeper and all that, remember that we live in the country, in a wooded area, in a house that is 20 years old. It is a fact of life out here... virtually everyone I know who doesn't own a brand new house out here has mice at some point. So I feel better about that, except that they are icky vermin who carry diseases and I don't want them in my house!!! We can't use the snap traps here, because Punky would literally have a breakdown if he saw all the carnage that comes with those things... and I don't know that I have the heart to slaughter them that way either. We use the live traps and let them go. The things I do for the critters....

NP: John Mayer -- Heavier Things (booyah CD!)


My blog coffee is exceptionally good today. Probably because it's cloudy today, and it's all in my head... cloudy days make coffee taste better.

I have so much to do today! David and I ran around all day yesterday... but today is my day to catch up, as long as I don't get stuck on the computer all day. I bought 100 more CDRs (good ones) and have lots of CDs to burn for the gigs this week, but that shouldn't keep me glued to the computer too long, provided my stupid computer doesn't geek out on me.

So tomorrow is David's birthday! Yay! Everyone email him and wish him a happy day.

Thursday we have a radio interview and a gig. Friday we have a gig. Saturday we have a gig. I haven't been this busy in a year! It's really nice.

Okay, yeah, gotta go. I'll blog more later.

Mmmmm..... apricots.


Hollywood A.D.

I'm eating peanut butter toast and drinking my morning blog quad cappuccino, and my space bar is still sticking. Das ist nicht so gut.

So we played at St. John Lutheran Church last night... I wish everyone could have been there. I think it was the best show we've ever done, mainly because the venue was absolutely amazing and it made it just absolutely enjoyable to play there. When the sound is good, we play better. Our friend Mark Bickle ran sound for us, and he did an amazing job. It was nice, for once, to not have to sing over cappuccino machines and talking people (well, except for the row of teenagers that giggled and made fun of us the whole time, but what do you expect?)... it was just a nice show for us to do. Our friend Rick Brown sat in with us and played piano on "Enemy," "Rain," "Better Days Ahead," "Bright Blue Rose," and "You Move Me." Those songs just shone with him on piano... he is an amazing player and it was a really nice addition (and something different) to the LJG sound. Anyway, we had a fabulous time, made some new friends, and had a great "kickoff" show to the fall tour season.

I wish we could play that sort of venue all the time... it's really what I've always wanted to do. I love doing to coffeehouses and smaller venues, but our vision is to play the Majestic Theatres and Bass Halls and those types of places... 1000 seaters with amazing acoustics. That's not so crazy, right? I mean, geez, as cool as it would be to sell out Madison Square Garden, that's not us. Of course, we wouldn't complain, but the performing arts centers is where our hearts really are. Is that so wrong? hehehehe.......

I hear a cold front is coming! Yaaaaaay! They say that on Friday, the high is only going to be in the mid 80's. Wooo-hooo! Fall is coming! Punkins and spiced lattes and stuff. I LOVE fall.

I have so much to do today... my house looks like it imploded. I have dishes from the weekend (we were just here to sleep, basically) and sound equipment and laundry that I washed but haven't folded... I'd throw a load in at night just to have clothes for the next day, and then would have to leave early in the morning and they just didn't get folded!

Well, that, and I spent all last week fighting with that STUPID computer of mine, trying to burn CDs... I've never had a problem like this before, but I have discovered that you get what you pay for when it comes to CDRs. Yeah. We're broke, because we're musicians, right? So we go to OfficeMax to buy some CDRs. They had a pack of 50 silver face CDRs -- I like the silver face because I can put labels on them and nothing shows through the label -- for $14.99. $14.99, with a 4.99 register rebate and a $10 mail-in rebate... so yeah, FREE CDRs! Well, they are CRAP! Total crap. I thought it was my CD burner... got a new CD Burner, and they still wouldn't burn. So I told David to go back to OfficeMax and get me some name brand CDRs -- he got Memorex -- and they burned like a dream. That totally angers me that OfficeMax would sell product that sucks that bad... that's an insult to me as a consumer. So the crap CDs are going back to OfficeMax for a refund. Moral: DO NOT BUY OFF BRAND CDRS!

Well, David's off today because he's fighting the funk, so I should probably go and cater to him and pat him on the head and say, "There, there." That, and I want to listen to our minidisc recording of last night, and see how that turned out. If it is good, I'll stick an mp3 of a song or two up here so that all you goofballs who skipped out on us last night can hear it. Who loves ya, baby?

Don't eat the yellow snow.


I am in such a fall mood right now... it's raining, cooler out... just generally fallish today. It makes me want to pull out all my fall CDs and have a cup of tea and scones and clotted cream and read Dickens. I revert back to my anglophile Victorian England at Christmas time side when it gets to be fall out. This mood will last at least another hour when, in true Texas form, the sun will come out blazing and the temp will reach 95 within a matter of minutes.

Got a new CD burner... it works like a dream. But I think I'm low on memory now. I swear if it's not one thing it's another. And to add to my annoyances, my space bar is suddenly sticking, and I have to beat it to death just to get it to make a space as I type. I'm going to have a really strong thumb by the end of this blog.

Oh, and my cello bridge is broken. So it's like $60 just to get some dude to cut it and fit it to my cello. What's so frustrating about that is that I could do it if I just had the proper tool to cut the bridge. It's almost comical to me at this point... we're trying to get back into the swing of gigging and working again, and nothing is working for me... all these little equipment failures are just hilariously frustrating. I don't get it. I can't tell if the universe is just really against me doing my job, or if it's just part of the whole "bursting from the cocoon" resistance that is meant to make us strong enough to fly. Woweee... that was mighty poetic, wasn't it? Yeah, you know what I mean though. I feel like we're on the brink of this new season of cool things, and we're just having to really fight through a lot of resistance even just to get going. It's alright... makes me just want to push harder. But some days I just want to scream! It's all so very silly.

Today I am going to fix my cello bridge -- I can rig the pickup to work on my other cello, I think -- and I need to burn like a zillion CDs. Plus I need to revamp our website. So that's on the agenda today, although, somehow, it's already 11:30. How did that happen?

So there ya go. I need to get to work. Hello. Thank you.

NP: Maura O'Connell -- Stories


From USAToday.com:

Universal is going to cut their CD prices by $6... which means that their top artists will sell for around $12.98. Man.. that's the price CDs were when they first came out. I remember buying my first CD, Kim Boyce (whoa!), for $12.98. It was so exciting... remember the longboxes? What a waste of paper those were... they'd get all dented and the CDs would always tip over in the racks, and it was just really messy. I seem to remember getting the CDs out of the longboxes was a pain in the behind as well... I would always try and not mess up the longbox, so I'd just open up the top and try and slide the CD out, but it would always get stuck and I'd end up just ripping up the long box. I think Costco still sells CDs in longboxes. That's bizarre. Anyway, Universal is hoping that selling their CDs for $12.98 will make people start buying CDs again. Hey, how's this for a concept: SELL SOME MUSIC PEOPLE WANT TO BUY, and then your CD sales will go up! You know why their sales are down? Because mainstream music sucks and people are buying INDIE now more than ever. It's not MP3s that are the major labels' enemy, it's the indie artists who are actually making good music. So there.

Hospitals in China are trying to improve customer satisfaction, and have told doctors and nurses that in order to cut down the complaints from patients and other "customers," they must smile showing at least eight teeth. They say that because of this new "eight teeth smile rule" that customer complaints have gone down to zero.

I'm such a soccer mom today! I baked brownies for Punky's class... it's my day to bring snacks. He's started getting nightly homeword too... I'm feeling very old, very soccer-mom-ish. I guess I fit into that demographic, but geez, that scares me. It really really does. I'm fighting that classification tooth and nail.

I want to get my nose pierced again. My friend Sarah has one that's a really tiny little stud, and I like that... it's subtle and cute. I'm close, so close...

Getting a new CD burner tonight. Am very excited. I just hope it works. I don't know about installing new hardware (well, I did a modem once, but that was easy)... when it comes to changing jumpers and all that, well, I've never done it before. Luckily I have my dad's engineering gene which helps me to figure out stuff blindly -- it either leads to success or just complete disaster. I'll keep you posted.

NP: Fleming and John -- "Sssh!" from the album The Way We Are


Excite News

Okay, file this one under "WHAT THE....?"Dutch Customs Find 2000 Baboon Noses. Yeah, 66 pounds of Baboon noses in a suitcase.

I don't even have a clever comment to make about that. That's just weird.

Can I just tell you how much I hate my computer? I HATE MY COMPUTER! I have been trying to burn CDs and it just keeps crashing, or telling me that it's failed for some reason or another, etc. But what's amazing to me is that my computer knows when I'm burning a CD because it is crucial to my music career to do so, and that's the only time it decides to crash on me. Invariably every time! If I just want to burn a CD for my own personal use, it will work fine. But when I have to get a CD to someone important, or when I've promised a CD to someone, it won't work. I am SOOOOOO FRUSTRATED!!!!

I need a Mac. I need a Mac. I need a Mac. I need a MAC!

I even put my ever faithful office mascot -- my limited edition Wonder Woman Barbie -- up on my computer, hoping her super powers would seep into my computer by osmosis, but noooooooooo....

So I hear that MP3.com may be taken down this week. That's really sad. Well, it's sad if you were an artist there during the glory days, back when it was accomplishing what it was supposed to accomplish. It began as a great place for indies like us to be heard. It marked the beginning of the internet revolution in the music business, and it was going great guns until (shocker), Vivendi Universal bought it and made it ugly. Now it's just a big corporate machine that doesn't do anything for those of us whom it was supposed to help. So in that sense, I say, "Good riddance" because it wasn't doing anything but taking up internet bandwidth anymore... it's the last of the big sites to fall victim to the RIAA/music industry conspiracy to squelch indie music and consumer freedom of choice.

So speaking of corporate music, there are some really good releases coming out this month (finally). Seal is putting out his new album ("Seal IV") and has teamed up with Trevor Horn again for this one. David and I love Seal. What a great artist... what a cool voice. I can't wait to hear it. And John Mayer releases his record on the same day (I'm gonna be broke on the 9th!), which I'm really excited about... I totally LOVED "Room for Squares." Brilliant. Jann Arden's new record also drops on the 9th. Emmylou Harris releases her follow up to Red Dirt Girl on the 23rd, as well as Dave Matthews Band. There are plenty more this month: Lyle Lovett, Rufus Wainwright, John Gorka, Van Morrison, Edie Brickell... Gawsh, I'm gonna be so broke. But thank God there is good music in the world... finally.

Oh, and "24" is coming SOON to DVD! This month! Yeee-haw! I can't wait. We're gonna be so stuck to our TV for that one... we couldn't stop watching last season.

Well, it looks like there's no reason to leave the house this month, now that I think about it. Yeah, buddy... swallowed up by entertainment. Well, if we didn't actually have to *work* for a living, that would be fun.

Looks like it's gonna rain.

I need to go fight with my computer more. Anyone have a sledgehammer? Anyone have a MAC?

NP: David Gray -- New Day at Midnight


Y'know, you gotta love the Weekly World News. Where else would we stay informed about alien DUIs and such?



"McLachlan Plots New Album, Tour

Following an extended break, Sarah McLachlan is gearing up for a busy fall and 2004. "Fallen," the first single from her as-yet-untitled next Arista album, was released to North American radio outlets yesterday (Sept. 1). A commercial single will follow in the coming weeks, with the album expected in November.

For the first time since 1999, McLachlan will "tour extensively" next year in support of the new set, according to her official Web site. The artist has not released a studio album since 1997's "Surfacing," which debuted at No. 2 on The Billboard 200. Two years later, the live album "Mirrorball" reached No. 3 on the same chart. A remix collection appeared in 2001.

McLachlan made her only concert appearance of the year in June at the star-studded Concert for Toronto."

-- Jonathan Cohen, N.Y.

Woooo-hooooo! I have missed Sarah! Another reason to save my pennies. Happy happy happy!

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