My blog coffee is exceptionally good today. Probably because it's cloudy today, and it's all in my head... cloudy days make coffee taste better.

I have so much to do today! David and I ran around all day yesterday... but today is my day to catch up, as long as I don't get stuck on the computer all day. I bought 100 more CDRs (good ones) and have lots of CDs to burn for the gigs this week, but that shouldn't keep me glued to the computer too long, provided my stupid computer doesn't geek out on me.

So tomorrow is David's birthday! Yay! Everyone email him and wish him a happy day.

Thursday we have a radio interview and a gig. Friday we have a gig. Saturday we have a gig. I haven't been this busy in a year! It's really nice.

Okay, yeah, gotta go. I'll blog more later.

Mmmmm..... apricots.


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