Wow! I just logged into blogger and it has all sorts of new features! Fun!

It's feeling much like autumn outside... I am so happy about that. I love fall. It's truly my happiest time of year! It's only 70 degrees out right now... I have the windows open. I'm drinking some sort of orange-flavored coffee... I don't drink flavored coffee that much, but I was at the store last night, and instead of going all the way down to Starbucks and getting my normal espresso for the week, I opted for regular coffee and the orange just sounded good. Fall temps and all... It just went together. It's nice to depart from my crazy cappuccino every now and then... funny thing is, I'm all wired right now because regular coffee has more caffeine in it... Especially the lighter roasts, and flavored coffee is usually pretty lightly roasted.

So umm, I didn't blog much last week... The week just got away from me. Still fighting with my computer. Neither CD burner works... I think my computer is pooping out on me. Tired of things breaking!!!!!

So Saturday I was driving out to Boerne to pick up Punky's friend who was going to come over for the day, and my car died on the highway. Couldn't get it out of neutral. Actually, it wouldn't do anything but park. Yeah... It was the transmission. The FREAKING TRANSMISSION! What is up with that? I've NEVER had to replace a transmission before! Yeah, I'm real excited about that one. See? Things just keep breaking. It's almost funny to me. Almost.

Saturday night, after three nights of gigs, I was beat... dead tired. Really looking forward to going to sleep... so I'm almost asleep and I hear all this rustling going on over on the nightstand. Thought, "What the heck is David doing?" and then went back to sleep. Then I heard it again, only under the bed. I realized quickly that it was a critter... a mouse! UGH! Now before all of you get all grossed out and think that I'm a bad housekeeper and all that, remember that we live in the country, in a wooded area, in a house that is 20 years old. It is a fact of life out here... virtually everyone I know who doesn't own a brand new house out here has mice at some point. So I feel better about that, except that they are icky vermin who carry diseases and I don't want them in my house!!! We can't use the snap traps here, because Punky would literally have a breakdown if he saw all the carnage that comes with those things... and I don't know that I have the heart to slaughter them that way either. We use the live traps and let them go. The things I do for the critters....

NP: John Mayer -- Heavier Things (booyah CD!)


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