I have just finished watching 5 hours of 24. I am absolutely bleary-eyed, braindead, and exhausted! That show... yeah. That show has literally taken me through every emotion possible. What a GREAT show! I still have like 8 hours to go..... Kiefer is amazing. Yes. Hello.

Oh, and can I just say that "A Mighty Wind" is my favorite movie of the year? Yeah, it's up there with "O Brother, Where Art Thou" for me. I will own it on DVD. The DVD has some absolutely hilarious outtakes and deleted scenes and extra stuff. They are brilliant. Brilliant. David and I just watched the extras tonight... we'll watch the movie (with commentary, thank you) tomorrow. Dave and I are Mitch and Mickey. Now what did I do with my autoharp?

Okay. Must....sleep. I can't even type. Just had to unwind from my roller coaster of emotions following 24.

Oh, one more thing... speaking of sleep. This site is the bomb regarding dreams. I found that many of my dreams are pretty common... like that crazy "back in college" dream...

Now I will go dream of bombs and Kiefer and CTU. Pardon my obsession.


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