Golly ned! Has it really been since the 27th of September? I cannot believe it's been this long. You can beat me with an eyebrow.

I apologize for my absence. I have had an excruciating, devastatingly emotional couple of weeks and I haven't really had the heart to even get online, let alone blog. Everything is cool with us and the family... but there are other circumstances, about which I can't go into detail, that have taken up a lot of emotional, mental, and spiritual energy. I'm just now stabilizing and feeling like it's time to get back into my groove.

So tomorrow is my birthday. My parents came down for a 24-hour visit to celebrate. Then tonight I went out with the in-laws. That was nice. It's been a weird birthday this year... in the midst of all the craziness, I haven't given it much thought. Literally all my friends are gone... out of town, etc.... so no friends to celebrate with. I didn't even have a cake! Although, I guess maybe the pumpkin pound cake at Starbucks counts. So there ya go. My actual birthday will be spent on a field trip with Punky's class at the Institute of Texan Cultures tomorrow... that should be (yawn) fun! Really, I don't mind... I'm going because Punky wants me to go, and it's cute to see him with his class.

Umm.... so what have we been doing? Let's see... we finished the 24 DVD set, and now I'm suffering withdrawal. I want more. I don't particularly like how it ended this year... the whole stinkin' season ended with a cliffhanger! And the new season starts this month, but we don't want to watch it on TV because we don't think we can stand the commercial breaks and the week's wait between eps. So, excruciating as it may be, we're going to have to wait a year for season 3 to come out on DVD. Ugh. Stupid, addictive, amazingly good show.

Finally got my car back... two weeks later. It's nice to be mobile again. Went to Lost Maples for the first time in months with David... he hated the first half. It rained on us the whole first leg, and then once we got up the big hill, the sun came out and it was humid as a bog. It was awful. David isn't too keen on going back... I think that place is officially mine and Flo's to conquer. Both of our husbands have been invited, included, and have decided they hate it.

Oh, by the way, can someone explain to me why Hispanic Heritage Month is from Sept. 15- Oct. 15? Since when does a celebratory month span two different months? That's weird. Anyway, happy Hispanic Heritage Month. I'm Irish. I'm not Hispanic. Even though David thought I was when he met me. I am a Hispanic Asian Irish girl. Yesssss.....

Oh, and happy Columbus Day. Who the heck celebrates Columbus Day? They have a parade in New York. But they have a parade in New York for everything, so that doesn't count. Who the heck else celebrates Columbus Day? I'm just mad because I don't get any mail today. So no birthday fun in the mail for me today. Waaaaah.

I am the elderly.


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