I buried Bunny today. That was icky. I had to dig a hole about 3 feet deep to accomodate the shoe box I put Bunny in. Digging a 3 foot hole here in the Texas Hill Country is no small task. See, you get about 4 inches down, and you hit caliche, which is basically clay that is as hard as rock. So you have to chip away at the caliche piece by piece until a big chunk breaks, and then you can dig more. I have blisters the size of Montana on my hands, and I'm sure I will be very sore in my arms tomorrow.

You know, I think I feel like hiking tomorrow. The weather has been so nice. I haven't been out there in awhile alone. It would be a good hike. Hmmm... I could be home by noon, and still have time to do my chores. Yep. That's what I'm gonna do.

I feel like an airplane in a holding pattern that has lasted over a year. Circling, circling, thinking about landing, but no, can't... not yet. Have to circle a few more times. For a few more months. Blah.


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