Oh yeah... I still need to write about the guy in my store mentioned two entries ago. Wow. I'll do that later tonight or tomorrow.

I want coffee.

I'm getting ready to leave to go to Dallas for the weekend, and I am out of coffee. I got home at midnight last night from the show (I'm playing in the orchestra in "The King and I") and the realization hit me as I was getting ready for bed. That's an ugly realization.

So instead of packing right now, I'm lamenting on screen about my lack of caffeine. Makes sense, right?

Oh, I need to be a better blogger. But you would not believe my life right now. I haven't been home in two weeks! Not because I'm traveling (I wish I was), but because my evenings have been totally filled up with things that require me to be elsewhere. It's exhausting. And frustrating. Because I'll do a load of laundry when I get home at midnight, throw it in the dryer in the morning, dig out of the dryer what we all need to wear for the day, and the rest of the laundry gets thrown on the couch to be folded "sometime"... and then we rush out the door for the day. But since I'm not home "sometime," it hasn't gotten folded in like a week and a half. No joke. You should have seen the pile! I finally sat down at 10:00 Thursday night and had to call my mom, and that's always an hour conversation at least, so I put my new headset on and called her and folded laundry. It's amazing how just getting control over clothing can change your outlook. I was going insane because I couldn't find anything in the pile every morning, and was frustrated because I couldn't do anything about it, and it made me very grumpy every day.

So this orchestra thing will all be over next weekend, and I can breathe a little bit.

Yeah, okay. I guess I'd better go get my things loaded up.

Dadgum cedar. I don't wanna go outside.


Oh. I totally forgot to write about the wacky guy I encountered at my store. Yeah.

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