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Hey this is cool! So here is our new blog.

Punky is out of school today. That's wacky. I'm a mom. Summer is here. I'm getting into summer more now that I have a kid... I was thinking yesterday about being a kid in summertime and I had that whole Wonder Years vibe goin' on in my head. Baseball... playing till the street lights came on... catching toads and saving them from certain death after dark (Scott Peterson -- my neighbor, not the murderer... ahem, alleged murderer -- would find toads and chunk them down the street as far as he could. Flying toads that would splat. I felt sorry for them and would hide them from him).... you know, all the stuff we used to do in summer. I hope I can make Punky's summer cool like that.

So I'm gearing up for work at Mt. Zion Youth Camp. Should be fun. I'm doing dreadlocks for camp so I don't have to mess with my hair. And just to be different. I get bored easily. Anyway, found a really cool dreadlock site while I was looking for info on dreads over at KnottyBoy.com. Woohoo! There's even a site devoted to dreadlocks and Christianity (!) at Christafari.com. Actually, Christafari is a Christian reggae band. We sort of met the lead singer the day we had our photo shoot for our first record. He's got some funky dreads. What a dude. Anyway, I'm not sure I'm committed to permanent dreads, so I'm not using beeswax, but something more water soluable called Matte Wax by Goldwell. Goldwell is my friend.

Did you hear about the guy who is on a death fast to protest the whole concept of the IRS? He finally ended it on day 40. You can read his story here. He's also got a blog you can read. I'm not sure I'm willing to die for the IRS, but at least someone feels strongly enough about it to do something extreme. Hmm.

Hey, anyone seen Bruce Almighty yet? My friend Amanda did... she liked it. But what's funny is that apparently the powers-that-be behind the movie didn't feel it necessary to use the ole' "555-" prefix in the movie for God's phone number, and now people with no lives are calling that particular number incessantly. There's a poor woman in Florida who has that number (it's her cell phone) and said that she's getting like 20 calls an hour from people asking for God. Imagine her bill! How stupid does one have to be? There's a pretty funny story about it in the Washington Post.

Alright. I'm off to go to Punky's pool party. Lots of pictures to be taken. Summer is here! Yeeeeah!

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