yeah well. I am not really sure I want to be blogging this late. It's like after 11pm but I'm not really ready to wind down yet.

Hey didja know you can post comments on my mindless rants now? Yeah, look at the bottom of each blog post. See? Cool. Now I expect all of you readers to interact, y'hear? I worked hard getting the code right.

So ummm... nothing much to say. Man, I'm boring.

We had a photo shoot with Paul today and that was fun. David thinks he looks old and fat. I think I look old and fat. Britney I am not. Thank God. But yeah, I'm 30. That's freaky. Anyway, the record is like so almost done! Actually, it's miraculous that the pics turned out at all... we had to drive an hour downtown with no air conditioning, and so I got all windblown and sweaty. Scuse me, glow-y. Because allegedly women don't sweat. But really, I do. I ain't dainty. I hate dainty.

You know what I realized tonight? I'm a blog loser. Or maybe just a blog loner. I don't know anyone else in the whole world who blogs! I look at all these young whippersnappers who have blogs, and they have these long, long lists of folks who are friends of theirs who blog. I have nary a one. Part of it is that I live in Pipe Creek. Part of it is that all my friends are artists and I'm the only one of the lot of them who actually knows how to use a computer (well, okay, Chris and Kathy, at least you can turn yours on... so I take it back). And the others just don't seem to want to mess with it. See, and all my friends would be such GOOD bloggers. Get on it, okay? I want to be cool and have a list of blog friends. It's lonely out here.

I'm having right hand issues right now. Space bar is sticking... makes my thumb hurt like it has carpal tunnel... only I know you can't have that in your upper thumb. Anyway, and my nails are long on that hand, so typing is not fun. Maybe I'll just have to type the word "stewardesses" over and over again for the rest of the entry. Because "stewardesses" is the longest word typed entirely with the left hand. See? Stewardesses. Stewardesses. But that's like knowing Latin... the word "stewardesses" is archaic. It's "flight attendant" now, and that requires both hands to type. Can't win for losing.

Okay. Good night.


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