mind the gap.

I am blogarific!

Hehehe. Just felt like using that word. It's sort of like smurfarific. Or smurfy. Or smurftacular. Or absosmurfly fabulous.

My stove blew up this morning. I was making my coffee... had to boil water because I'm doing coffee in my french press lately (off of cappuccino for the week to give myself a break), and as I took the teapot off the stove, the burner shot many sparks out at me. They were sort of like those roman candles you get at the fireworks stand... they sounded just like that and were little white balls o' flame. Cute! Anyway, so I guess I won't be cooking tonight! Yay! Actually, I enjoy cooking, but I'd rather not be aflame whilst doing so.

I seem to have carpal tunnel just in my ring finger on my right hand. Go figure.....

Okay. So tonight, we have nothing going on. We have 5, count 'em, 5 eps of 24 to watch! Gggggggg! I'm so excited. I'm so addicted. I woke up the other day thinking about it. Gosh, what a freaking GREAT show it is! I love Kiefer. He is so cool.

We have very little time left before we send off our album to the replicators! I'm so excited. I talked to the CD manufacturing company today and got the prices all nailed down, and now David and I just have to pick some pics for the inside, and we're done! Wooohoo! I can't wait.

Oh, David just emailed me and reminded me that A Might Wind comes out on DVD today. Packed with extra features even! I can't wait. Gotta see it. Ooooh, 24... A Mighty Wind... 24.... A Mighty Wind..... I'm going to implode with all these quality viewing choices!

Okay. Gotta go fix my stove, take a shower, make my bed, fold some laundry, and get the mail.

Peace and chicken grease.........


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