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Arrrrrr... ahoy matey. Today is September 19, which is (arrrrr....) National Talk Like A Pirate Day! Shiver me timbers! I feel the need to sing me favorite song: "Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?..."

Okay. I am tired, sick and tired, of all the sniveling liberal college brats who think it's cool to hate Bush just because it's what college students are supposed to do. Old liberals are breeding new liberals, obviously, and the mindless acceptance of liberal propaganda is prevalent because these kids (most of whom are trying to rebel against their parents conservatism) just want to "free their minds" and they buy into the liberal agenda without even bothering to think it through. And true to the lie, they say they *have* thought it through, but really all they do is just swallow the trendy blah blah blah of their peers and MTV.

Anyway, what got me on this rant in the first place is the promotion in many, many recent blogs of this website. They are taking up the cause... some dude is randomly hanging this sign in Orange County:

And everyone's all excited about it, calling it "freeway blogging" because the guy will hang it somewhere for awhile, and then it will disappear and show up randomly somewhere else. Of course, all the liberal college student "free-thinking" robots go, "Yeah, man, that's right. That's really heavy."

STUPID! Do I even have to point out the obvious here?

Speaking of Democraps, this is pretty funny.

Ted Kennedy is seen here preparing for Hurricane Isabel which turned out not to be as a severe as predicted. Kennedy quickly blamed George Bush for making up the storm in order to deflect attention from the current situation in Vietnam... I mean Iraq. (Thanks to the Glenn Beck website for that.)

Arrrr.... I wonder if me matey Teddy is seaworthy? Avast, me hearties!

-Wild Eyed John (my pirate name, generated here.)


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