lady jane grey:

progressive americana with a smile, a broken cello, coffee on the jeans, a whiny background singer, a "ban the tube tops" poster, killer tunes, bad attitude towards fluffy the dandruff burger, meat and chilli left on the counter, 8 pack of ensure, day glow pants and a wife beater tank, songs about love and the never ending search for the freakin' frusion ice bars, americana- banana- uma- oprah- oprah- uma- fo fana! bowling balls with only two holes, chapstick in your pants pocket as you throw into heavy rotation
dryer cycle, belly button lint (and i've got an outty- so how does that work?) acoustic guitars and a hand drum, sticky chord changes, drama queen with a perty voice and an unmistakable, easily identifiable desire to be the next brittany... and a guitar player who won't stop until he's shaken the hands of mr. roper, isaac, the man with TWO hands, and hutch.

now you see they are more than a band - they are a religion... follow, send your money, send your soul.

lady is waitng and her pet jasper the guitar gorf is restless...

--Chris Taylor


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