Yippety Craycox

Well it's Friday night and I'm actually free. So I'm sitting at home watching "numbers" on CBS... I never watch CBS. But I think it's odd that Numbers' main characters are a redhead and and a guy that looks strangely like Mulder and they are partners in the FBI. X-Files has created a formula, for sure.

Oh... this is the pilot. Hmmm... well, I can't involve myself in another show. Oh, wait, 24 reference... they are using the boxes... the divided screen.

Well, okay, good for them.

I'm almost packed for our excursion. I'm at that "what am I forgetting?" stage. My suitcase is overloaded already, but I keep finding things that I just really need.

I can't wait to go to Roswell. I don't care if there's nothing there but the UFO museum. That's enough for me.

I had a lady come into work today, and she came up to me and said, "Do you have things about a nurse?" I was like, "Ummm... what sort of things? Books? Plaques? Figurines? Cards? Bibles? Candy? Stories?" I'm finding that most people cannot communicate. A couple of weeks ago, a lady asked me, "Are those the same ones?" and pointed to a bunch of boxes at the top of a bookshelf. I said, "The sames ones as what?" (because generally when one uses a comparative statement, one has to include something with which to actually compare it.) "CARDS! ARE THEY CARDS?!" she spat, acting as if I had greatly insulted her. Yes. Thank you. I never realized that I was so stupid until I started working with the public.

I really need to get a brain.

Actually, I need to go and pack now.

Good night.


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