This is awesome: Theatre of the Absurd performed in every day life. It's called a "Flash Mob" where people show up at a specified location, do something weird, and then leave. The example Reuters cites: "...in the latest occurrence, about 200 people converged on a Central Park ridge across from the Museum of Natural History on Thursday. Once in place, the mob tweeted like birds and crowed like roosters, chanted "Na-ture," and then dispersed." I LOVE THIS! Kathy and I were always talking about doing this kind of stuff when we were in college in Nashville. This is apparently the brainchild of some guy in New York who just emails his friends and has them spread the word about the next "flash mob," and people show up and do it. Go read the whole story. It's stinkin' awesome!! Like I said, it's just a very small, concentrated form of Absurdist Theatre in a public place. Although I am sure that some stick-in-the-mud somewhere is going to complain and they'll get citations for not having a proper permit for public gatherings or something really lame like that. But as long as it lasts, well, I think it's great. I wanna do it......


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