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I'm on this Suzie Homemaker kick right now. Been cooking/baking like mad! Roasted chicken stuffed with rosemary, zucchini bread, oatmeal raisin cookies, garlic red potato salad, etc. etc. etc. The topper was the other night when I had to sew a fin back onto Punky's stuffed dolphin... David called me "martha". All I need is the red checked Betty Crocker apron, and I'm there. Although, Betty didn't have dreads. But it's all the same. I need to get out more.

My dreads are happy now that they have been nourished and loved by my new Knotty Boy dread wax. Highly recommend it. I no longer look like Sideshow Bob. A little more like Ani DiFranco, without all the anger.

I love this pic. It's the solar eclipse over a church in Vienna. Got it from APOD.

Big Brother is officially being used as a spy weapon these days. They say it will only be used in foreign countries to spy on our enemies, but geez, they used face recognition technology at the superbowl. Kabul today, Dallas tomorrow....


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