:: wheaties ::

Okay, yeah, I'm really tired. Rough day. I'm off caffeine for 3 weeks... well, I'm only on day 2 of this craziness, and I'm very, very groggy. But I had to get control of this addiction to Starbucks -- I've always loved coffee, but I'm up to 6 shots of espresso in the morning and 4 in the afternoon. It's always good to break an addiction every now and then just to show that it doesn't rule you. But dangit. I miss my coffee. Mmmmm... look at those beans....

Ocean life is amazing. There is an expedition going on right now in the Tasmin Sea... a group of scientists who are exploring part of the ocean that has never been seen before because it is so daggum deep. They have found some amazing, weird little creatures down there: a sea spider that has some of its organs in its legs, an eel whose tail lights up, and he puts it in his mouth to attract food, funky little shrimp, and fish with really really big teeth. I think it's so cool that after all these gazillions of years we're still finding new species. I wanna be a marine biologist....

From the BBC today: Lightning strikes woman's tongue stud. Man oh man, I hate it when that happens. I'm glad I took out my nose ring.

I feel sorry for the farmer in California who got the crop circles, but dagnabbit, I love crop circles. I first found out about them when I was in England and we took a bus tour out to Stonehenge... our tour guide, Jane (who was brilliant, by the way), showed us a video on crop circles. They're just so cool and mysterious. But poor Farmer Brown, or whatever his name is, lost a lot of wheat this week because of the crop circles. If it is the work of hoaxters, then shame on them for ruining the man's livelihood. But if it's aliens, then it's really cool.

My contacts are very fuzzy and dry. Much like potato chips. Time for bed. Good night, my crustaceans.


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