I am so amazingly groggy right now it's not even funny. Oh, I slept, but I've been slowly weaning myself off of caffeine, and the herbal tea thang just ain't doing it. David, Punky and I are housesitting for David's sister, and it's very strange living life in a neighborhood. I'm so used to dirt roads and no neighbors and no traffic sounds, and it's a little addling to hear cars and just general neighborhood noise. I love being a hermit out in our little country abode.

David's sisters cat has issues. Obviously she was taken from mama cat a little too early, because she has this annoying habit of jumping up and trying to nurse on you anytime you sit down! It's the weirdest thing in the world... she lays out and buries her face in your arm, leg, whatever, and just goes to town. I'm not comfortable with the codependent cat thing. It's just weird.


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