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I have just seen possibly the strangest movie I have ever seen: Punch Drunk Love with Adam Sandler. We both loved it... it was dark but not; didn't make sense to my left brain, but somehow did to my right brain; funny but also a little sad. It's a brilliant movie... I want to watch it again, because it's one of those with many, many layers. The scopitones alone are works of art, and the soundtrack is superb in its simplicity. Go to the website. Check it out... you can even download various mp3s and view some of the scopitone stills there. The website alone is pretty entertaining...

I should be in Colorado right now, but I'm home sick. Actually, that's not the reason I'm not in Colorado; it's actually because it just didn't work out for me to go, and coincidentally I've been under the weather for a couple of days now. I really miss Colorado. I need the mountains and the West. I need the Big Sky. Does the soul good. But it's okay. David and Punky wouldn't have been able to go, and I really want to do the whole trip out West thing with them. Maybe next year. Maybe we can drive all around the West... Do Arizona, Grand Canyon, New Mexico, mountains, Roswell, desert. But then there's also Wyoming.... Wyoming is delicious. I need to travel.

We're getting the record mastered on the 7th of July. We have the daunting task now of writing all the credits and stuff... I love that part because it's fun, but I also hate it because invariably someone gets left out accidently. We had it happen a couple of times last time: someone opens up the CD and reads the credits, expectantly looking for their name, and it's not there, and we see this cloud pass over their face. Ugh. Just stab me. What a yucky feeling. Anyway, if we leave anyone out, please know that it's not personal... it's just hard to list everyone in your whole world in such a limited space. I'm tempted to just thank "God and everyone else who's been nice..." or something like that, but then I think, "No, I need to name names..." Ach. It gives me a headache.

I'm going to start doing my morning pages again. I haven't visited my artist side for awhile, and I'm needing to wake that part of me up again. If you haven't gone through "The Artist's Way," (read Julia's "personal remarks" for a better feel for it) whether you think you're an artist yourself or not, do yourself a favor... get the book and go through it! It opened me up to so many things in myself that I had left behind... things that I was missing and didn't even realize... things that made me so happy and fulfilled once I got them back. Some of it is sort of "new age-y," but take what you can from it and enjoy the experience. I highly recommend it... I wouldn't be singing today if I hadn't found that book. Anyway, morning pages are coming back. Maybe I'll post a few here or in the forum. Heck, maybe we can get an Artist's Way discussion group going in the forum, if some people want to go through it together. That would be cool.

Okay, I'm all inspired now. Woo-eee!

Well, I'm off to design a new press kit. Time to start gigging again.


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