:: A'le'inn ::

Today is UFO day. Just because I'm in a UFO sort of mood. I stumbled across a website dedicated to Dreamland, AKA Area 51... very cool and informative. I want to go to the Black Mailbox. I do, I do.

Gosh, I'm sunburned. Went to Medina Lake with Punky today. He loved it. There's this little beach park run by a guy named Angel and his wife on P.R. 37, and he is so nice that it's worth going to his beach instead of the Bandera County public park. It was so amazingly hot today. It was very nice though... we've lived here almost 8 years, are 10 minutes from the lake, and have never been. What's wrong with us? So anyway, Punky and I went, and it was nice and quiet and tranquil. Until, of course, a huge truckload of about 15 people pulled up, totally invaded our area with their boombox full of rap crap and all their kids and their picnic trash. Some people just have absolutely no consideration for others at all. And when they left, they left ALL of their trash just sitting out on the picnic table. Pigs, I tell you. At any rate, it was still nice for Punky and I, and he's all crashed out now on the bed and I'm burned to a crisp. And it's supposed to rain and be cool tonight. Go figure.

Had a dragonfly land on me several times today to drink water from my skin. He was so pretty... all blue and iridescent. What cool little creatures they are. I heard that their lifespan is only 24 hours. Wonder if that's true?

I love Snopes.com. Love it. I have always loved urban legends, little known facts, news of the weird, conspiracy theories, etc. They just absolutely fascinate me. They are such a commentary on human nature and the desire to always want more, the insatiable need for "something else." This can't be all there is... anyway, I just found out that Mr. Ed (y'know, the talking horse on TV) was actually a ZEBRA! Huh? Apparently, according to snopes, the stripes didn't show up because of the way black and white TV operated back then... way too dang complicated to explain here, but go read about it. It's really amazing.

Nothing is weirder though that the folks over at Coast to Coast AM. Lizard people, crop circles, you name it, it's there. I listen to Art Bell on the way home from gigs late at night sometimes just for a good laugh. Once, he asked, with a straight face, for listeners to call in if they could fly or if they had X-ray vision. Rrrrrrrrrright.

Okay, I have to go make Chicken Cacciatore. David will be home soon. Dinner must be ready! Not because he demands it, but because I will look like a complete slacker if it's not ready.


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