:: knotty and knice ::

I'm in Dallas right now visiting my parents. Pretty cool, except I had to drive up here with no air conditioning because mine finally died. It happens to me literally every summer! It wasn't too bad until around 5:00 in pre-dallas traffic. Ugh.

So I'm now a dread-head! It took 4 hours, but I did it! It's a weird thing... sometimes I look in the mirror and go "What the heck did I do?" and get a slight sinking feeling, and sometimes I just LOVE them. My head is itchy. It's like the days when I used to get a perm, when perms were in style (c. 1986) and you couldn't wash your hair for like a week... Same thing. Only I did wash it because I just couldn't stand it anymore, and the dreads got all loose and soft. I re-waxed them and they're looking really cool now, but I WANT TO WASH MY FREAKING HAIR AGAIN! I have a feeling it's going to be weeks of this sort of high maintenance stuff. But I dunno, maybe I'll keep them. Just for fun. Because life is too short to not try something you've always wanted to try.

Okay, what is up with Jewel? What is up? I have never really paid much attention, except that my friend Sarah D. loves her and I respect her opinions, but what is up with the dance thing? Madonna? Reinvention for the sake of avoiding obselescence? Did I spell that word right? I'm too lazy to check right now. Anyway, I'm torn about the Jewel thing. Is she selling out, or is she just being an artist? What would LJG do? Heck, I guess I'm glad that someone who truly IS an artist like Jewel is out there among the 50 Cents of the world.

And then there's Evanescence. Again, I'm torn. It's just pop crap, I know, but I do like the song. She has a great voice. Thing is, I'm totally not into the whole, "We were Christian, then we got popular, and now we're gonna diss our beliefs" thing. That's so stupid and uncool and shallow. But whatever. I think I like the song.

Okay, I need to be fixing my mom's computer. It's all screwed up. Moral of that story: never buy an e-Machine. eeeew.

Word up.


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