:: Mint Juleps ::

I'm craving oatmeal raisin cookies right now. I just made some. I want them all. Must... control.... myself....

I just got royally dissed! I'm not one to chat online much... it takes too long and I'd rather email or pick up the phone. Plus, contrary to popular opinion, I have a life. But I just happened to have my instant message program on (first time in months) and noticed a friend signed on. Said "hi" and they instantly signed off! The ol' door slam sound and all. Yeah, okay. Maybe they got thrown offline by accident. Mmm, no, I got dissed. That's an ugly feeling. Oh well.........

Still dread-headed. Loving it. I'm probably the only person in a 40 mile radius that has 'em, and that makes for some strange looks at the grocery store from the old ladies.

David and I went and saw "A Mighty Wind" recently... what a great movie. I really want to see it again. What a great movie... I especially liked "Mitch and Mickey" -- Catherine O'Hara was amazing at playing the washed up hippie singer. And Christopher Guest's character was hilarious... especially knowing that the inspiration for his character was Noel Paul Stookey. Guest and his cast are so good at finding little nuances in a subculture..... stuff that sometimes only those who are living in that subculture would know about. We had some friends that saw the movie and then went out to the Kerrville Folk Festival the next week, and they said being at the festival was like watching the movie all over again. We've seen all of the Christopher Guest mockumentaries now... this one is my favorite after "Spinal Tap." It's a pretty dry humor though. If you liked "Daddy Day Care" and "From Justin to Kelly" this one's not for you.

File this one under "I hate it when that happens..." A truck carrying 520 beehives crashed in Missouri, setting millions of bees free on the interstate. Bummer.

All you Kazaa/Morpheus/Grokster/etc. users better watch out... after Thursday, the RIAA's gonna GETCHA! You know what? Like a friend of ours said, if the RIAA would actually PAY artists the money they collected for illegal downloading, I think people would have a much easier time dealing with their bullying. Yeah, okay, it's illegal to steal music. We all know that. But the artists will never see a dime from these lawsuits, and record companies will keep getting richer and fatter and more oblivious to life in the 21st century technological world. Anyway, for those of you who have like a zillion songs on your computer, watch out. Big Brother is coming after you.

David just got back from Nashville... he and Sinko finished up the mixing process of our record there at the Sound Emporium, and now Sinko is going to master it this week. I'm ready to get on the wagon again. We've had almost a year off and I can't stand it anymore. I need to work. I need to get this record out. I need to be an artist again. I just hope that people remember us and still like us and all that. We have very few venues left here in San Antonio to play. It's pretty bleak around here. Actually, I think it's pretty bleak everywhere right now... music is the first thing that gets cut from an establishment's budget. But I just know something new is going to open up for us. We just have to work a little harder to carve out a path for ourselves. "Jump and the net will appear..." has always been my motto... well, I've just taking a flying leap over the edge of the Grand Canyon. Still looking for that net........


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