Umm.... I missed yesterday because I was all wrapped up in microsoft hell! It was ugly. I somehow contracted the msblaster virus, and I figured it out on my own because I somehow missed all the hullabaloo on the virus. I noticed it when I was working Monday night on Kazaa (probably where I got it!) and I got a very "official" looking XP window that said, "Your system needs to shut down." and it counted down from 30 seconds and then shut down my computer. Hmmm... so I restarted, went to Windows update to try and fix whatever was wrong, and windows update told me that my serial # was wrong and that I couldn't download the service pack I needed. Long story short, I finally got around it by updating my Norton, editing my registry, and downloaded the patch.

Which brings me to my next point: MICROSOFT SUCKS! I want a Mac. I have always been a Mac person and I settled for a PC. Macintosh doesn't release crappy products that have to be fixed after you buy them... Microsoft makes a habit of it. Macintosh doesn't crash every 32 seconds. Macintosh doesn't have a "blue screen of death." Mac doesn't have nearly as many viruses...... Anyway, yeah... next computer is gonna be an EMac.

I made Peanut Butter Drop cookies last night... and I'm sick because they are so good and can't stop eating them... but they are so rich. They go well with coffee. I'm actually having my afternoon quad cappuccino right now, so there.

I am SO READY for autumn! It's so nice today... mid 80's, no humidity... it's just a tease. A terrible, terrible tease, I tell you. Next week it will be 300 degrees again. The low temps put me in such a fall mood... and then my hopes get dashed because we still have like 3 months of hot, horrible weather till it decides to become winter. THAT is what I miss about Nashville. Mmmmmm, seasons.....


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