Sunshine Days II

London Hits 100 Degrees.... poor, poor Europe. Really. It's been so stinking hot here, but in Texas in the summertime you expect it to be hot. Still, I complain and whine and if my car A/C doesn't cool off fast enough for my liking, I'm whining more. But London hit 100 for the FIRST TIME EVER! and it's so bad that they are warning people to be careful and take lots of water when they get on the Tube ("mind the gap and take your water")... no a/c down there apparently. And most folks don't have a/c anyway, because it just doesn't get hot there. The stoney beaches are not exactly "lay-out-and-surf" type beaches over there, yet they were jam packed this weekend. Poor London.

Played the Boardwalk Bistro Friday night... I usually get the TurkeyWorks sandwich, which is really good, but since I've gone Veg I got the PitaWorks which was fab. Loved it. Our friend Chris Taylor came out and played with us, which is always fun, and it was especially good this time because my cello was out of commission that night (the bridge snapped in half literally as we were walking out the door for the gig). I played mandolin, and that was fun. But OH MY STARS was it hot. Like so hot we might as well have played outside... it actually would have been cooler. Customers were sweating. Their a/c doesn't ever work in the summer, but especially not Friday. It was bad. Despite the heat, though, it was a super fun gig. My brother came out and it was good to see him. He actually came back home with us and spent the night, which we really need to do more often... we agreed that it's stupid that we never see each other now that he lives like an hour and a half away. Stupid!

Yesterday was the 17th (!) anniversary of my dad's passing. I dunno, but for some reason I was really bummed out by it this time. Usually the day passes and I think about it but it doesn't affect me much anymore... it's been so long... but it just really got under my skin this time. Ed (brother) and I talked about it for the first time ever, I think, and maybe that's part of it, but no, I was funky about it before that too. Maybe because this summer in particular, for some reason, that period of my life has come back to visit me... friends that I haven't talked to in years that were with me through that time... all the youth group stuff I've been doing has reminded me of being in youth group that summer that he died, etc. It's just weird what triggers things in you, and you think you're over something, and then there are sharp reminders that this is just part of who you are and will always be a little burr in your psyche. Odd.

This is the first day in a week that I've had decent blog coffee! Friday, when I posted last, I was drinking really REALLY bad coffee... because I was out of my espresso and just really couldn't go back to just tea. So I rooted around in my cabinet and found a can of coffee (there was my first mistake... I NEVER drink coffee that comes from a can. UGH!) that I swear must have been part of my Y2K stash (and yes, I did have a Y2K stash, I'm embarrassed to say)... or at the very least was on reserve in case we had a second annual 150 year flood. At any rate, it was very, very foul. Now if we had been flooded in, okay, I might have drunk it with a smile on my face, knowing that at least there was caffeine to be had, but because it wasn't a true emergency, I just couldn't find it in my heart to be grateful for this abomination that was loosely named "coffee." It was more akin to burnt antifreeze that one might lick from the third rail of the London tube, and such an experience might actually be more pleasurable than what I had to endure in this cup of coffee. Which is why I gave up on my blog after my computer crashed... I just didn't have it in me. But it's dang good to have my usual quad cappuccino with Horizon Organic Milk again. Life is good.

Alright then. Must be off to work on my website and make it purty.

Green tomato pie is nice.


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