I don't have my glasses on, so it's going to be really hard to type accurately. It may actually end up lookin like ;lasdkfoiwehf;masdfiewo because, honestly, I just can't see what I'm doing. Hmmm. BRB.

Okay, I'm back with sight. And see... I spelled "looking" (above) like "lookin" and that wasn't intentional. So what? Life is good... I have my glasses and my morning coffee. My blog coffee. Eeew... that doesn't sound very good. The word "blog" is still funny to me and sounds like something gross.

So I worked and worked on getting our mailing list updated and cleaned up, and then my computer wigged out and sent out our newsletter twice. I HATE IT when that happens. I am so conscious of people's tolerance for spam and junk mail and really don't want to bother them, and I just feel, when something like that happens, that people are going to freak and unsubscribe. Actually, that was what used to happen. We send out emails once a month, but if we had to send out an extra one for whatever reason (like if a gig got cancelled -- y'know, sort of important to let people know about that), we would get all these unsubscribes. It used to really hack me off... because I do care and because I don't want to bug people, and because I go out of my way to not bug them, and then they get all mad and act like I'm the spammer sending them Viagra ads every day. Can't win for losing. Our current list has been with us for several years, so I think we're finally down to the people who really want to be on it, although when I made the list transition I lost about 300 names because they were no longer good email addresses. That hurt! I hate losing that many people. I can't think about it. But we have a really good core now, and I'd rather have 800 really strong names than 1100 and have some that just really don't care.

Wow. How did I get off on that? That has to be the most exciting reading EVER, that last paragraph. I guess that's the whole deal with this daily journal thing... you get the good, the weird, the bad, the funny, the stupid, and the really boring. You know you love it.

School starts in 23 days. 3 weeks. I can't believe it. I have been asked to consider starting a string program at the private school. Me? Ummm.... okaaaaay. It would be a very big undertaking. It would be a challenge. But I think it would be cool and I know that God would not open up an opportunity for me if He wasn't going to equip me to handle it. So I'm considering.

Oh... I just realized that I need to get a poster put up on the website for our Sept. 7th date. Okay. Gotta go. Plus I have to get ready for Sea World. My mind is all over the place today. I dreamed about guinea pigs last night.


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