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Lady Jane Grey in Engrish
Lyrics of the week

"We should not rely on never"
(a.k.a. "Never Should Have Trusted You")

Something the ash, as for end me of the diamond my reliance which should pay the ash dust to the death of my innocence everything, like the pearl being handed by my heart cover which with the feet of the hatchet throws my dream, as for me whom it gives as for me never should not be relied on, me the truth thing where I have known that it can do my your lie was loved, but, you knew that I never should not rely on the fact that now I have known? I being cruel, until unusual control was given, to see, waiting, to reach the wall of the handcuff and your fraud where therefore patient you the jail of lie are sweet so in my mind as for sweetness and resonance me whom you sing that here where me it cannot do thing by any means and is restricted we want I whom you think now leave, I have known, as for me it is not possible to wait for another day


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