Ohmygosh... it's AUGUST! What the heck?

I had every intention of going outside and work, work, working today, but I got stuck behind my computer. And here I sit, wasting time, typing another blog entry.... but it's really pretty fun. And it's really hot outside. Maybe I'll have a smoothie and then go out later. Yeah. Later.

So I'm back on coffee... did I mention that? I LOVE COFFEE. I LOVE COFFEE! I'm not all crazy like I was before (6-shot cappuccino in the morning, 4-shot in the afternoon), but man, oh man, it's so good to have it back.

Still eating veg as much as possible... although I was really bad and had a pizza last night (and regretted it today very muchly)... but I'm just happier and feel better eating veggies. We're supposed to go to some friends' house for dinner tonight, and that's always interesting trying to manuever a veg diet around steak and chicken and fish. But we'll see what happens. More than anything, I don't want to make anyone uncomfortable or feel weird. So maybe I'll just suck it up and eat the meat.

Taking Punky to Sea World tomorrow. He's been DYING to go since school let out. It's just so DANG expensive. But he is absolutely in LOVE with dolphins (so am I), so I'm really, really excited about taking him there. I have a feeling we'll just spend all day in the Shamu show and the Beluga whale show. And that's pretty alright with me! If I believed in reincarnation, I would come back as a dolphin. Or a marine biologist. Or a dolphin who is a marine biologist. Anyway, Punky doesn't know he's going, and if we can pull it off, we're just going to go and see (sea) the fun little surprised reaction we get. I love that stuff. He's so cute.

Okay, so I'm feeling more and more like a loser sitting here smelling like "OFF" (from being outside this morning) so I need to go and get the heck on my tasks. Maybe I'll have some coffee first though. Can you tell I'm a procrastinator?

Haircuts are our friends.


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