Morning Pages

Coffee. Blog coffee. Blog morning pages coffee. I have to type fast because Punky is still asleep but I feel like he will probably wake up pretty soon, knowing that we're going out with Flo and Amanda today. I just painted my toenails and they are still wet, so if I stand up, they will get yucky. Many changes are coming down the pike beginning this fall. School starts and that always marks the beginning of a new "life season." It's looking more and more like I will be doing an orchestra program with the school... I just have to talk to the administrator about specifics. The new CD will be finished around the first week of September and then we will go to press with it. So that means I have to get my crap together regarding radio and gigs and release parties ASAP. Eric and Sarah are going away to Dallas, which means our youth group will be getting a new youth pastor, which means that that whole thing is going to change and I'm not really sure to what capacity we will be needed... but I'm sure that means that in the next month or so we're going to be really busy filling in the gaps and such. But I'm excited to see what all unfolds this fall... I've been ready for a change... the past year has been such a holding pattern and I'm ready to get busy doing the things I have been called to do. I'm ready for David and I to start gigging again. I'm ready to GO! I made Indian Dahl last night... very very good. Totally vegetarian... lentils, onions, garlic, tomatoes, and lots of jalepenos, curry, and cumin. Man, I could have eaten the whole stinking pot. It was fabulous. I really don't miss meat... I have eaten just a tiny bit of meat the past week or so and I just haven't been real crazy about the experience each time... I'm just enjoying my veggies too much. I just don't want to become one of those militant vegetarians... I don't care what other people eat and I'm not vegetarian because of "poor moo-moo" and all that. I just think it's healthier and I've lost weight because of my new food habits. It's really hard to type morning pages in a blog... how many lines constitutes 3 pages? But I haven't done morning pages in so long and it's really hard to start up again because of the whole desire to edit myself, especially knowing that other people will be reading this. So is this true Morning Pages or just rambling, bad writing? See, there I go editing myself again. But who cares just flow flow flow. It's all good. Pause to drink coffee. We had 5 cars on our property... 2 of which didn't work at all and have been sitting here for like 8 years. We had them towed yesterday... It's so nice to not have 5 cars on our property anymore! It was sad to think about letting go of the Honda though... it was such a good car and it was the first big purchase David and I made together and we were so happy when we got it and it was such a miracle that we even got it. But it had to go and it was nice to get rid of all the dead weight. And now I have like 8 bags of old clothes that I have to get rid of. I can't wait for fall and for fall clothes and for cold weather. But that won't happen here till like November, so there you have it. I can't believe that it's been a year since Laurie's birthday... that was a long time ago and yet a short time ago. Where does the stinking time go? We are I have nothing else to type just rambling and there you go. Supposed to meet with D. on Saturday... we'll see if that works out with his schedule but that would be really cool to see him again since it's been a year. I have to upgrade my instant messenger. I want to go to a poetry reading. I want to write again. Oh yeah, that's the whole purpose of morning pages to get the flow going again. There you have it but I have to get into the zone and just go with it. Not happening the way I like it to right now. Today is the anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima... what a weird and different age that was. No one thought of consequences and political correctness and it was just different. Now it's like we have all the anti war peaceniks who think we're still living in 1969 and then there's the right wingers who want to bomb everything and we're just a more diverse, enlightened people but is that really a good thing? Yeah, well, I want to stay away from talking politics because I know how I believe but not many others think the way I do and it's very uncool because well, blah blah blah. So where is oh there is my instant messenger. I have a lot of people on my buddy list. It's sorta funny... I don't really IM people that much because it's like getting stuck on the phone and I think others see it that way, but so what's the point of a buddy list except that you're just spying on your friends and can see when they sign on and how long they're on. But other than that it's pretty useless. Funny. 8:40 I can call the salon in 20 minutes and try and get an appointment. Hope I can... my hair is very very bad right now. My stylist is going to crap her pants when she finds out what I have done to my hair this summer. I am rambling about nothing nothing nothing. I want to travel. I have nothing else to say need to go take a shower and eat apples and peanut butter not in the shower and Lynn Eastes is back at Belmont and they are doing Antigone AGAIN! I can't believe that! We did that play every single year when Kathy and I were there, and now they are doing it again. Still. 10 years later. That is so amazingly stale. Yes, okay. Im going to the beach yeaeeeeeeeah in one week and 2 days and I cannot wait. That will be very much fun.... One more fun before school starts and Punky will be so happy. I have to go now do not hate me becaus I ramble these are my morning pages the end.


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