Golly ned, has it really been almost 2 weeks since I blogged? I'm such a loser! Such a loser! It was nuts there for a couple of weeks, and then I was unable to get online for like a week, so there ya go. Anyway, okay. Ummm.... let's see. School has started for Punky. I have been freaking out. That's pretty much the gist of my life the past couple of weeks.

I spent this week setting up my home office and getting organized, ready to launch this new CD and season of promoting and selling it. Suddenly there are gigs everywhere. I booked 5 this week... really am happy about that. There are all sorts of "best kept secret" sort of places around town that need to be discovered. We *do* have listening rooms in San Antonio. That's encouraging.

So it's felt good to actually have office hours and have a job again... the album is nearly complete... all we're waiting on is art... and then it's off to the duplicators. The art should be done in the next few weeks. That means that we're there! I can see the finish line (finally). I can't wait.

Mars. Have you seen mars? It's cool... although I'm sure much cooler with binoculars or a telescope. It just looks like a red version of Venus to the naked eye. Or, as they say here in Pipe Creek, the nekkid eye. Is it me, or does it sound more nasty when it's pronounced "nekkid?" I have never liked that pronunciation. Texans are funny.

Playing tonight with David Kauffman. He's doing lots of liturgical music right now, and, not being Catholic, it's all foreign to me. But since it's new to me, it's also very fresh and very inspiring. I felt refreshed and fed after I left rehearsal last night... good for the soul. His music is really very soul-reaching. Nice change.

So anyway, I'm outta here but I will blog more. More is coming. Things are happening. And my blog mascot, Bob the Alien, who sits on my desk and stares at me with his big black alien eyes, won't let me off the hook very easily for missing 12 days here. Yeah. Be back later.

Papa Smurf is evil.


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