Ich bin sehr alt.

Today I had my first experience with, "I'm not as young as I used to be." It was an odd feeling.

I've always been extremely healthy... no chronic problems, only seasonal allergies to speak of, but no major health concerns ever.

So today I went to the optometrist because I needed new contacts, and the first thing he said to me was, "You need to cut down on fats and get your cholesterol checked. I can tell from your corneas that it is high, and if it's showing up in your corneas there's blockage in your heart."


Then, he says, "Your prescription has changed quite a bit from a year ago. Your eyes have gone from a 4 to a 4.75."


Then, he goes, "You have very weak muscles in your eyes. They probably bother you when you get tired," (which is true) "and you are going to need to start doing some eye exercises to correct them. They're pretty weak."


And then, he follows that up with, "I want you to go ahead and get some reading glasses so you're not straining your eyes at close distances."

Geez, freakin' Louise! So I suddenly have blocked arteries, bad eyesight, weak eyeballs, and have to wear old lady reading glasses! What the heck? I left the doctor's office feeling very old. I think for the first time I realized, "Oh my gosh, I am over 30." And now I actually have to act like it... can't eat whatever I want anymore, etc. Oh well. It's an excuse to trim down and exercise.

It just doesn't seem fair that my best friend, who is 10 years older than me, can run 5 miles and has perfect eyes. Thank you, genetics.

So here I sit with my Wal-Mart reading glasses on, wondering how I'm going to be able to stay up all night tomorrow night with 30 teenagers! And I have to work tomorrow. And they don't have Starbucks at Six Flags.

We met with our good friend, Jay Tope, tonight who just announced his mayoral campaign here in San Antonio. He is the only one running who is not a rich attorney, and he really has a great vision for San Antonio and for cleaning up the Mayor Garza/City Council mess. Anyway, check out his site here. Get behind him. Get a yard sign. Get involved.

I am becoming my grandmother. I thought about it tonight... they are, have been all my life, very active Republicans. It's my heritage, it's bound to be my destiny to be involved on some level in politics. Even if it's just to rant.


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