Coming down off of a fun weekend... where to start, where to start?

Friday night played for a friend's release party, although it was a different sort of release party in that they filmed it for DVD later. Anyone who missed it missed a tremendous experience... His name is Bill Gokelman and omigosh... what an inspired artist. His stuff is all instrumental piano music, and it is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. Go have a listen here. It's amazing.

Saturday night David and I went to Fredericksburg to celebrate his birthday... we had dinner at a freaking cozy little restaurant called The Nest... it's in an old house and only has 15-20 tables, so it's very small and intimate. We both had stuffed chicken with garlic potatoes and marinated portobello mushrooms and spinach... it was amazing. After dinner we went over to a cigar/wine bar-type place called Lincoln Street. Again, very cozy... they had live music and it was nice to actually just get to sit and listen for a change. The band that was playing is called Byrd and Street and they were nice... easy to listen to and very relaxing.

Today was church and then we celebrated David's b-day with his family, which was fun. I am still so full from lunch at Macaroni Grill.

So everything was fun till I think I inadvertently ticked off a friend. Actually, it's one of those situations where she took something totally the wrong way, and then said a bunch of passive-aggressive (but hurtful) things back, and by then I was really hurt and, well, you know how it goes. Sort of put a damper on my evening. So now I'm licking my wounds and wondering how long it's going to be before she decides to be nice again. Ugh.

I am so ready to fast for about 3 weeks. I am tired of eating. I am tired of eating. I am tired of eating. Make it stop. Please, make it stop.


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