Ancient Egypt

And so I'm not remotely sleepy. Nope. Not at all.

Woke up really early this morning for "See You At The Pole." I went to the middle school, David went to the High School. Last year, they told me, there were only about 5 kids at the middle school. This year, we started with around 20, and by the time we were done praying and I opened my eyes, the number had practically doubled. It was very cool. I took donuts which wooed more than a couple into our fold. It's amazing how convincing breakfast pastries can be.

Okay, so my ticked-off friend and I are okay again. Ugh. That was really ugly. What made it so bad is that in the 3 years we've known each other -- and we're super close -- we've NEVER had a disagreement. So this one was really just... well, ugh. Didn't speak for two days. Man, I hate conflict. It makes me want to go to sleep. Except that then I can't sleep because I'm worried about the conflict. Which makes me sleepy the next day. Which makes my stomach hurt. Thank You, Lord, that's over. Anyway, yeah, we talked last night and put it away and all is well. Moving on...

I just logged into my wonderwoman@ladyjanegrey.com address that I haven't touched since, oh, April, and let me just say that spam just really hacks me off. That address is one that I would use just for my personal email (as opposed to the general ladyjanegrey account), so it's not like the address is out there for all the world to find. But I logged in tonight... there were 3317 emails in my inbox. Every single one of them was spam. And some are just so vulgar and over-the-top even in the subject line that I was shocked and apalled. I'm all for freedom of speech, but to be visually violated against my will (well, yeah, I know it's redundant) is really infuriating. I have a 7-year-old. If he were to read one of those subject lines inadvertently, well, he would be forever scarred. It's downright porn that I just really don't want in my freaking inbox. {end rant}

Can I tell you how much I love gmail? I love gmail. It's google's new email program. Very happy.

Umm, that's all I know. Boring night tonight. I'm going to attempt to sleep now, although I'm all sorts of wired. I had coffee at like 5:30 this evening, so it serves me right. Maybe I'll read with my stupid new READING GLASSES!!!!

All of our donuts are fresh.


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