I am so bloomin' sore!

Flo and I went hiking yesterday at Lost Maples, and we did the full meal deal: the west trail and the extra loop. All in all it's about 6.5 miles of pretty rugged terrain... there are 3 really major hills that are about as steep as a flight of stairs and much, much longer. It's a major workout, and we love it. Plus it's just great girl time.

But when I got home and started telling David about a certain tiger-striped butterfly I saw out there, he got jealous and decided he wanted to go and take some photos. So we went back to Lost maples and ended up hiking another mile and a half while we were there. Yeah. wow. I collapsed in the car when I realized I had gone a total of 8 miles that day. My legs will never be the same again!

I am loving my new mac so much, although I am feeling like an idiot because it's so different and I'm pretty much lost in some respects in trying to find my way around. That will come eventually. But all in all it's a great machine, it's fast, and it doesn't have issues like my other computer does. My other computer tends to be passive-aggressive and likes to take out its age on me.

My only complaint with the mac is that the resolution is so small it hurts my eyes unless I wear my reading glasses, so I have to dutifully wear them as I type out my rambling commentaries on life and love. I feel very much like Scully right now.

So we watched Survivor Thursday night, and I wasn't too impressed with all the "Don't miss the first 10 minutes" hype they put out. Big whoop... the guys drank some funky drink, killed a pig, and climbed a pole. I like the FBI guy (just because I have a soft spot for nerdy FBI guys) and the two older women who don't mind working hard. The little preppies I can do without. But it should be a fun year.

Okay, I have a cat and a 7-year-old vying for my attention, so I guess I'm outta here. Lovey says ;alsdkfjadshljdhsflkjaweuhfkajsd.



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