Watching a shark show with Punky... there's a hammerhead hunting down stingrays with his bionic senses. Ocean life is cool. Oooh... shark just killed a stingray. Go shark.

Went to a Mary Kay party tonight. Wow. I'm so not Mary Kay material. Why I'm always asked to join is beyond me. I wear jeans. They have some little motto about not wearing pants (huh?) and I live in jeans. Right. Okay. But it was fun and I did it for a friend, so it's all good.

I'm hungry. I really don't want to eat. I have eaten out for so many days that I can't remember when I cooked last. That's terrible. And I'm so tired of restaurant food. So tired of it. I'm feeling lardish and wish I could fast for like 3 or 4 weeks. Ugh.

I spent the entire day in Punky's closet today... his closet is a black abyss of evil. Seriously. I spent my whole day off last fall organizing it, and yet over the past several months it has gotten trashed and disorganized because things just get thrown in there. I am organizing one last time, and then it's outta my hands.

Really, REALLY dug Guliani's speech last night at the RNC. Y'know, I was thinking about this today... Okay, yeah. I'm a Republican. A conservative on most fronts. And most of the time, I am made to feel bad for that position... like I should apologize for my beliefs. No. NO! Liberals can rail and gripe and say all they want, but I'm usually looked down on and made to feel like an idiot for what I believe in. But I have every right to my opinion, and this is a free country, darn it, so there. You Dems who are reading this (and most of my friends and even my brother whom I love dearly are Dems) I respect your beliefs and still love ya (even though you're wrong :) ), but I'm tired of feeling weird about writing about what I believe in here. So anyway, I loved Guliani last night, thought he did a bang-up job, and was very entertaining. It'll be interesting to see what happens in 2008. Could very well be Guiliani against Hillary again. Innnteresting. Can't believe Michael Moore had the audacity to show up, but glad that McCain gave him the smackdown. Gotta hand it to Moore -- that took some guts. Or he's just an idiot. Maybe that's it. Yeah, pretty sure that's it. And USA Today has hired him to do legitimate reporting? Guess I won't be looking to USA Today for any legitimate news, now that I know they hire liars and libellers as "columnists."

Anyway, okay, time to go eat. I'm super hungry. Gotta stay up late (really late) all this week... we're taking 30 kids to a lock-in at Fiesta Texas on Friday, so we'll be up all night partying down with concerts by Pillar and Skillet and all night rides. Should be fun.....


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